904 Restaurant


1289 Penman Rd

Wow Wow, bases loaded and a home run.  The new spot 904 officially opens Monday 1/5/15.  I was fortunate enough to be invited to the soft opening on Saturday night.  Here we go again with another ugly strip mall.  I now have a reason to venture this way. We all know the first few weeks of any restaurant are painful for both diners and owners and their staff, but 904 is well on the way to delivering this baby.  We started with a choice of 3 appetizers;  Crab Mac & Cheese, Shrimp Surf and Turf or Crab Cake.  We only ordered the first 2.  I really liked the Mac & Cheese and shared this with my neighbor who ordered the Shrimp Surf/Turf.  This was an interesting little morsel.   Served on a skewer them breaded with Panco it turned out  crispy without being oily.  The home-made dipping sauce added a marvelous kick thanks to the Datil pepper.  Both of these dishes were voted most worthy by other diners.  We then moved on to the main.  Again a choice of one;  Pork Osso Buco w/ Black Eyed Peas and Rainbow Chard, Roast Chicken w/ Mashed Potatoes and Croquet,  Shrimp and Grits and last Steak Salad. We ordered everything but the salad.  Shrimp & Grits were served with a delightful Tassie tomato broth and a healthy portion of Mayport shrimp.  Grits creamy. Some stated they were too salty but that was not the case for me.  The chicken did not fare as well it arrived undercooked and had to be sent away to be replaced with the S & G.  The other order of chicken barely squeezed by on the doneness.  Mashed potatoes, perfect no lumps not starchy covered by a most flavorful gravy.  Now the Croquet was a mystery.  Strange texture but great flavor.  We ask what and were told a combination of turnip and parmesan cheese.  Very unusual but interesting.  I might like it with another protein.  I felt it was too much with the potato and gravy.. Osso Bucco needs some work in the flavor department according to the owner.  He felt the broth was lacking any depth.  There were no desserts available and some grumbled  but not because they were still hungry.  We were told the owners  wife makes all the desserts and assured they would be available for Monday’s official start. Overall I would give high marks Our waiter Eric was efficient and personable always a plus. There is some nice touches open kitchen another  plus, bar service (beer and wine only) a few TV’S in the bar area that did not flow over into the dining room.  This is a farm to table operation.  Local seafood, vegetables from the farmers market and beef from Florida..  I am going to give it a few weeks and go back.  Oh and a shout out to Chef Anthony

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Categories: American Food

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