904 Redux

Restaurant Logo 1289 Penman Rd

Sooooo this is the addendum to the previous review.  There were no desserts at the soft opening on Saturday night.  To say we were disappointed would be an understatement.  But mom taught me good things were worth waiting for.  It may be the only thing she got right.  Tonight was the official Grand opening . It was slow at first but it turned into a late crowd that filled the restaurant.  We appreciated we had a stellar spot.  So the desert menu will change according to what is the freshest and available.  You know farm to table, not freezer to table.  There were four items but once I saw the words chocolate and salted Carmel I blanked.  Flourless chocolate cake with fresh strawberries (think plucked from the plant fresh) and a chocolate cream…Orgasmic…cake moist, rich and oh so chocolatey.  Is that a word?  Our second choice Apple Crisp with salted Carmel ice cream.  This dessert is an award-winning dish in Boston and once people taste this will be award worthy as well.  I know nothing about Apple Crisp other than it now replaces cannoli  as my most favorite dessert in life.  These are must try items.  I can see this will be on my go to places , I already have some favorite dishes after only 2 visits…..Yhea I’m hooked….       904 on Urbanspoon

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