Bayou Cajun Seafood & Crawfish

Crawfish and Shrimp

Bayou Cajun Seafood & Craw fish








11380 Beach Blvd, Ste 8,

Jacksonville, FL 32246

Between St Johns Bluff Rd/St Johns Bluff Rd S and Cortez Rd
Some foodie friends I often dine/eat with found this place a few weeks ago and have been back several times.  After looking at the postings on-line from this group I could not refuse when I was asked to join them mid-week.  Having been to NOLA many times I am fully aware what Cajun food is but was intrigued when I saw a sign for “Pho now being served”.  The interior is very basic almost stark, a few LSU flags on the walls,  2 TV’s and that about it. Small bar serving wine and beer as well as soft drinks.
As expected most of the dishes are fried, but the do offer some wonderful boiled  items and a few grilled dishes .  We were there for the combo special dishes offered that evening.  I am still interested in the Pho.  We started with some fried oysters and calamari.  The oysters were nice and plump in the middle and still moist, so a big plus there.  Not so much for the calamari, tough over cooked I do believe they were of the pre breaded frozen variety.  After talking with one of my friends I decided on the Pho. She highly recommended it.    In truth I am way too lazy to pick apart shells unless the reward is substantial and twisting off heads and pinching tails are not my cup of tea.  Although I do like the reward.  If only I could get someone to do that for me. When the platters started hitting the table,  I was amazed, it’s currently craw fish season and these babies were like Langostinos they were so big.  I managed to secure several from someone sitting near me and for once I had a successful outcome separating it from its shell.  The meat itself was sweet and not overcooked, but I did not get the punch I was expecting from the sauce.  Same for the shrimp, plump, tender but bland.  Some of the other dishes, Bayou Combo # 2 – Crawfish, Snow Crabs, Gulf Shrimp, Corn, Potatoes, were  plentiful  portions and seemed to please.  One of our group ordered the Crawfish, Shrimp, Sausage, corn, and potato only to have it served sans the sausage. We also tested the gumbo, which was the spicy concoction I would expect and as a plus it was not a tomato based liquid.  Served with a dollop of rice this would be a meal in itself.  I went with the Pho and was not disappointed.  I was served a large platter of all the good green stuff to season the broth with, and normally  I don’t even taste the broth just tear up the leaves and throw in the bean sprouts and jalapeno.  For what ever reason I tasted the broth first.  It was a stand alone dish.  It actually needed nothing added for my taste buds.  I turned around to look and some one had my soup bowl in hand and drinking it.  A true friend!  I am happy I  stayed true to  my first choice it really was excellent and I would go back and have it again. There was only one dessert ordered and that was the tempura ice cream.  The owner seemed to like it enough he did not offer to share which is pretty unusual for  our group. The restaurant runs specials during the week, and this spot is certainly worth a try.  Portions are huge, priced mid range and you can bring a group of friends and just have a blast.




Bone Bucket for the shells

Blue Moon.

Most delish Pho

Oyster and Calimari App

Bone Grave yard

New Menu Item


Anthony and me  cue the lights………..

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