Papi Chulo’s

Papi Chulo's
9726 Touchton Rd, Ste 105,
Jacksonville, FL 32246
Near the intersection of Touchton Rd and Deerlake Ct
(904) 329-1763
I am not a fan of Mexican Food, it’s in the same category as Haggis, Camel, and Rattlesnake all of which I have eaten.  But when my friends  Jerry Watterson and Gary Kovar the brains behind  Jacksonville Restaurant Review and Jacksonville Foodie Adventures  put on one of their feasts I never miss the opportunity to attend if I am in town.  I was wavering on Papi Chulo’s  thou but I am a big Guacamole and Tequila fan so I had nothing to loose and something to learn.  There was a great turn out about 35 to 40 people.  That’s how respected this dynamic duo is when it comes to food.  Once everyone was settled and had a few very nicely made Margaritas, which were included in the ticket price, them food started to flow.  We started with the  Guacamole Flight – 3 amazing handmade guacamole.  These were served with some of the tastiest chips I have ever sampled.  Made fresh in house it was very different f some of the commercial chips served around town.  Next we moved on to the  Carne Asada Fries – Like Nachos, but fries, these were served with a spicy queso blanco…..Already I am being converted but we still have a way to go. For  our third sample  Mexican Street Corn – Whole Ear Corn.  This was the exact moment of conversion, well at least for this restaurant.  I was introduced to Mexican Street Corn in Oaxaca Mexico one Christmas, and ate 3 to 4 ears each day I was there, 7 days exactly.  Having tried this dish in several of the more popular restaurants around town.  Papi  Chulo’s came the closest to being authentic.  I would have been happy to stop there, but we moved on to even more food. Duck Dynasty Taco – It’s a Duck Taco…Tacos are meh to me but Duck is one of my favorite proteins.  This hit the mark a delightful combo of Duck breast, mahogany sauce, Napa cabbage slaw topped with cilantro lime sauce, pickled red onions and cotija cheese.  The combo of flavors was delightful, Southern Bell Taco –Fried chicken tossed in the mahogany sauce, Napa cabbage slaw topped with avocado ranch. I tried to get the gentleman sitting next to me to give his up but he was not very cooperative.  next up a nod to Jamaica via the Bob Marley Taco – Jerked Chicken, Plantains this was my favorite, spicy with a kick needed nothing added.  Just when I thought I could hold no more I looked at the planned menu and realized there was still more to come. Carnitas Enchilada – Brick Oven Baked, a killer combo of pulled pork,  topped with queso, ranchero salsa served with cilantro lime and beans. The meat tender and well seasoned salsa rich and tart  and the beans well flavored.  Finally for the last flavor of the night Dessert Flight – Traditional Flan, Tres Leches Cake, Aztec Chocolate.  I saw the word Chocolate and became dizzy with delight.  No Flan or Cake for me it was the Chocolate, well the chocolate was not this gigantic piece of heaven I had in my mind but a nicely flavored chocolate cake.  I had to pass but others delighted in each of the offerings.  This was a somewhat ah ha moment for me.  There is a place in town I can now say yest to when my friends suggest we do “Mexican”. I also would be remiss if I did not give a nod and shout out to  the staff.  They had a full restaurant as well as our large group to keep happy that night.  IMHO they did a jam up job and I would feel comfortable taking my dining group there for dinner one night.
And a big shout out to Jerry and Gary for making it happen.
If you care to partake in some of the best food tastings around Jacksonville give a look at Jax Foodies Adventures.  I guarantee  this will not disappoint.
Here is the link to make it easy.
Papi Chuols2Wall Art Work
Wall Art
TwofersGuac Flight
 These need no explanation                                              Guacamole Flight

Mexican Street Corn

Carni Assada Fries



Duck Dynasty Taco



Bob Marley Taco

Southern Bell Taco




Carnitas Enchilada


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