The Pig Bar B Q

The Pig BBQ

11925 Beach Blvd, Ste 205,
Jacksonville, FL 32246
Between Huffman Blvd and The Palms at Beach Blvd Apartments
904) 619-0321

So I found out about the Pig Bar B Q when I attended  ” The Best of Jax” an event that recognizes some of the top restaurants in Jacksonville.  By the time I wound my way around to their station I was pretty full, but the aroma emanating from the table  filled the surrounding area.  I strolled over to take a look and it was love at first sight.  A single large rib full of well smoked meat glistening in all it’s goodness along with a small ramikin of coleslaw .  I spoke briefly with the gentleman manning the table, he shared with me how the meat is prepared by smoking and oven baking until the meat is fall of the bone ready and of the new location, which is very close to where I live.  As good as he was, I  manage to pull myself away only to cave in  ten minutes later snatch up the biggest rib I could find on the table.  I was sold, the meat was tender and succulent, flavorful. moist and melt in your mouth tender.






So I reached out to my eating partner and suggested we give this new place a try and see if indeed the food was as good as I imagined it was.

We were greeted promptly when we entered although it was peak lunch time and the place was pretty full, seated  and given menus.  Our server took out drink orders as we looked over the choices.  The drink selection is limited to a few beers Bud and Miller, some wine and a full complement of soft drinks and ice tea, coffee, OJ and milk.  There are about eight appetizer items, several salad offerings, sandwiches, dinner plates and family specials. kids/senior menu, and the usual sides that come with the dinners.  We were there for only one thing the ribs, we both ordered the large dinner with consisted of five ribs and choice of two sides.  For 12.99 it was a steal. They also offer several flavorful sauces for those that need to add some umph.  I found it not necessary.   I am happy to proclaim the food was every bit as good and perhaps better than what I sampled at the food fest.

Large Rib Dinner

A little aside here, our food was served to us by the very person who convinced me to try the ribs in the first place.  He is the BOH Manager of this store.  I recounted our first meeting and he remembered.  We both laughed and I told him I am a new convert and will tell all my friends this is a must do  experience.


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