Carmines Pie House

Carmines Pie House

2677 Forbes St

Jacksonville, FL 32204

Phone number(904) 387-1400

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So my friend is always going on about Carmines, but never suggesting we should eat there.  I had a pizza craving and called her and suggest Carmines.  It got very silent on the other end until she blurted out it’s too “divvy” for you.  Excuse me?  It’s well-known I am a snob but we’re talking NY Style Pizza here.  Well it’s not divvy at all, eclectic is the word that comes to mind. It has a great interior many things to catch your attention, the dessert counter being a focal point.  Lets do food.  Menu is huge with   Appetizers that cover every ethnic food group, large selections of salads, subs/ pannis/calzone & stromboli.  Then a complete dinner menu and about 20 specialty pies or the make your own pie choice of NY thin crispy or Chi Stuffed Pie . Perfect for an individual 10″ 14″ or 16″. With a wide variety of toppings that include the normal and abnormal like coconut, corn, cranberry or tofu. I am all about the dough so simple is fine with me 14″  NY thin crust , sautéed spinach,  kalamata olives fresh garlic and red onions.  My friend chose the sausage we shared zuccini fries  quite good served with a spicy aoili dip; Pizza arrived and  I was OMG look at those  wonderful pies.  Crust brown crust, cheese melted and bubbling and just a smattering of oil.  Now as a NY’er I’m down with the oil and often add a few drops  of EVO to my pizza.  Hands down this is the best pie I have ever eaten in J’ville.   I can normally  eat 2 or 3 pieces and take the rest home for midnight snack or cold for breakfast.  Not today I was all in on this.  I had been possessed by this pie!  I think I may have growled at one point.  Another plus for me they serve Intuition King St. Stout from one of the local brewery’s so a big plus to support the local vendor.    I should have know better but I did ask about dessert.  Magic word: Cannoli. Ok make it to go please, perhaps when I hungry again like Sunday I’ll get to it.  Our  server was great, efficient,  end easy on the eyes.  Definitely give this spot a try it will not disappoint.

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