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V Pizza

  • 1406 Hendricks Ave
    Jacksonville, FL 32225


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  • Phone number(904) 527-1511
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Last May,  V Pizza launched in San Marco to much anticipation of  pizza lovers all over town.   I waited a spell while the “growing pains” were worked out then made the trip with a friend.  The result, possibly the worst pizza I have ever experienced.  Flavorless, bland just nothing to make a pizza lover happy.  Domino’s can deliver better to my door and I can stay in my PJ’S.   Regardless of the finest ingredients, 00 flour imported from Italy, San Marzano tomatoes, fresh cheeses,  the  3 massive and I must say beautiful ovens imported from Naples that burn at an amazing 900 degrees necessary to get the true experience of Neapolitan pizza this pie sucked.

Imported 00 from Italy

Inside the oven

Leaving the oven

The ovens from Naples

Now almost a year later, V Pizza has finally delivered what was  promised.  New chef, new recipe and a dedicated owner who did what was needed to turn everything around.

Okay lets get to what your reading this for, food.  We started with the oven roasted wings, don’t think dripping in anything red, think of smokey crispy goodness,  cooked as only wood can bring the best out of any dish with just a hint of sweetness.  You will want to just savor the  true taste of chicken, no ” Atom Bomb sauce” needed.

Wood Fired Wings

Next we moved on to the pizza.  One Pizza Ensalada; Arugula, Burrata Cheese, Cherry Tomatoes, Shaved Parmiggiano, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This was a gift, the size of the Burrata alone was enough to make a cheese lover weep

Pizza Ensalada

Smokey crust, arugula tossed lightly in EVOO was a wonderful departure from my first experience with this pie.  Nothing was needed for this pie.  Crust perfectly salted, the peppery goodness from the greens and the sweet texture form the Burrata was amazing.

Next up the Pizza Rustica; Sausage, San Marzano Tomato, Fresh Mozzarella, Broccolini, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Pizza Rustica

This is my kind of pie, large hunks of zesty Italian sausage, and the perfect amount of EVOO drizzled over the top.  Again the crust is the star of the pie. and nicely absorbs the San Marzano tomatoes .

We took our time, had a few more glasses of wine but try as we might could not finish both pies.  So we decided on some Dolce !  It is well documented I am addicted to Cannoli, so it was no mystery to me what I was having.  Again I was not disappointed beautiful golden crisp shells, pumped full of Sicilian Ricotta upon ordering.


I have to commend the owners of V Pizza for listening to the public, and making it their mission to correct the issues that plagued them early on.  My first experience here was so disappointing I did not post on any Social Media or Blog sites.  Today I sing their praises, some of the best pie in town, great staff and owners.   Take the time to visit the on line site and read about their journey, it’s quite impressive especially so for us living in Jacksonville, this is big city pizza stuff happening here and I for one am grateful.
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