Black Sheep, why I love brunch

Black Sheep

Brunch may be may favorite meal.  I can’t explain why, nor will I try to.  There are only two spots in town that I consider my favorite.  Now there are many “brunch” spots but I talking class, style, and oh, oh so very elegant well presented  brunch served by top-notch staff.  Please don’t visualize those horrible long buffet lines, with watery eggs, over cooked, meat products, and people picking through the roles or danish until they find the perfect one for them.  On any Saturday or Sunday one can travel over to Riverside to Black Sheep for a most delightful experience.  A choice of indoor, or weather permitting outdoor covered patio or roof top, which offers a spectacular view of the area.  This particular trip was no different, we opted for the covered patio, and were seated in a strategic corner location good for people watching in a somewhat private spot.  We started with a few adult beverages, a wonderfully spicy Bloody Mary Winston with pickled okra and a nib of blue and a very not too sweet red Sangria.

SangriaBloody Mary

We kicked  off  our food with the Warm Sea Salt and Vinegar Chips and point reyes fondue.  The sharpness of the cheese countered the tartness of the vinegar perfectly.   The home-made chips were warm and crispy, and never lost that snap.   Add to that the Chicken Liver Mousse  creamy, rich flavor, with  pepper relish and the Pimento-Tasso Ham Deviled eggs with tasso which added a extra level of flavor.  Portion sizes are ample for sharing.

Salt and Vinagar chips

Chicken Liver Mousse pepper relish

Pimento -Tasso Ham Deviled egg with tasso

We worked our way through these tasty and well presented dishes, ordered another round of beverages then went back to the menu for more inspiration.  The beauty of this restaurant, not only can one enjoy a traditional breakfast type meal, but can go beyond that to savor something not usually found at breakfast/lunch time.

 My companion was more in breakfast mode and ordered the Cardamom Pancakes with seasonal fruit, apple butter and maple syrup, I opted for the Wild Georgia Shrimp with wainwright cheddar grits, tasso ham, creole tomato gravy, pickled trinity.  We always share and I was regretting not getting the pancakes.  The flavor of cardamom was so evident in the cakes it was just an instant jolt to my taste buds.  Perhaps this is not a taste some would enjoy but I certainly do.  I just added a small amount of butter, so as not to mask the taste by adding syrup or the nice tasting apple butter.  Light, brown and  hot right off the grill these are the best flavors I have ever tasted in a pancake.  My Shrimp and grits were equally as good.  I have sampled this dish here before and it is one of my favorites on the menu.  One can definitely taste the difference in the wild shrimp.  It is an entirely different texture, plus being cooked to the right degree on doneness is always a plus.  It truly is a simple dish done with much inspiration.

Cardamom Pancakes

Wild Georgia Shrimp Wainwright cheddar grits tomato gravy pickled trinity

Salted Caramel Brulee

We only had one place to go, directly to the dessert menu, a nice offering of ice creams, a chocolate bread pudding, cakes, we opted for the salted Caramel Cream Brulee.  Not only is the brulee salted, caramel flavor is added to the custard giving it a beautiful deep yellow color and melt in your mouth goodness.

So gather up your friends and family, loved ones, or your best foodie adventurer friends and head off to Black Sheep one Saturday or Sunday for a wonderful meal.

Black Sheep Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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