Kitchen on San Marco

San Marco Blvd


Located in the historic neighborhood of San Marco  and a welcome addition to the area, KOSM brings some much-needed new life to the food  and bar scene in this area.  A large corner building serves as  the back ground for a spacious interior full of windows that brings the brightness along and adds to the spaciousness. Minimal  but inviting decor, chalk board walls that display the beer offerings,that are updated as needed, large open bar with ample seating. and open kitchen.  We were curious to test out the menu and although I normally do not want to visit a  new restaurant for  at least a month after opening , off we went, and I am happy to state we were not disappointed.  Service was A1, friendly, efficient and attentive.   We chose to sit at the bar, it looked comfortable and it was, clean lines, nice seats, a view into the kitchen  and a great bar person added to our delightful experience.The staff well versed on the  food menu and drink  options just added a plus to the experience.

Lets talk food, as expected menu is broken down into categories,  snacks, soups/salads/plates, entries.  We wanted to test a variety of dishes so we started small;  Pickled Florida Shrimp,  a spicy tart sauce and micro greens  offered up a treat to the eyes as well as the taste buds.  Shrimp were plump and firm, clean  and beautifully positioned on the plate.

Pickled Florida Shrimp

Along with the Shrimp, came the Cornmeal Dusted Calamari with pickled chilies/preserved lemon aioli  and oh so  wonderful.  Not the soggy over cooked dish we have all experienced in many establishments, this was hand cut pieces, lightly dusted, and tender .  I would have liked a little more heat, but that is only a personal preference, this dish was beautiful in every way.

Corn Dusted Calamari


Oysters Rockefeller, with charred spring onions, rounded out or choices from the snack menu.  These snacks are more than ample to share. Luck for me my companion was not an oyster fan, so the entire dish was mine.  Cooked under the broiler and lightly charred, this was not the usual heavy dish I had encountered in the past,  Oysters were quite large, briny cooked just long enough to firm them not shrivel them.  I delighted in this dish.

Oysters Charred Spring Onion

From the Salad offerings we opted for the Salt Roasted Beet Salad, and to accompany that the KOSM Fried Chicken with picnic sides.  Again the dishes came to us with eye appealing presentation and taste wise, lived up to how it looked.  Beets were firm, and tasted beet like. The goat cheese and vinaigrette with toasted pine nut dressing was the perfect accompaniment.   Chicken was crisp, skin brown but not oily cooked perfectly inside, and was so sweet one just wanted more.  The picnic side mentioned was slaw and it we so good, my companion requested additional, which arrived at no extra charge.

Salt Roasted Beets



KOSM Fried Chicken

Now ready for dessert we chose the Ricotta Fritters and Creme Brulee.  One big win one big loss.  Both dishes looked inviting upon presentation, but sadly the Brulee did not pass muster.  Once my companion broke into the beautifully browned crust the custard had curdled and as expected when that happens we had a scrambled egg custard.  Not good, it was immediately taken away and removed from the menu as well. Now the Ricotta Fritters were magical.  Sweet, moist, warm and the tart dipping sauce that accompanied it was the perfect balance to the dish.   We promised to try the brulee next time.  No foul here,  it happens.

Creme Brulee































All  in all we rated our experience 98% favorable.  Would we return?  It’s already in the works, we are waiting for a few calendars to clear and we will  take our foodie friends with us.  Gather your friends take the  trip it won’t disappoint.


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