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I am a  big fan of Chef Tom Gray from his days at Bistro Aix.  Nominated twice for the prestigious James Beard Award he has brought his past skills and experience to a limited market of fine dining here in Jacksonville and we are the winners.  My friends and I recently dined one Sunday for brunch and it was delightful.  We started with a few beverages namely Bloody Marys,  I have to say this must have been one of the worst Mary I have ever experiences.  The mix was so watery it was tasteless.  My companion finished theirs, but I was not a fan so left half of it on the bar.  When we were seated at our table the host approached us to say he heard of my less than delightful experience with my drink and offered me something else at no charge.  That was a plus right there.  I opted for one of the many craft cocktails they offer Corn -n- Oil, a combo of two types of rum with Falernum ( a sweet syrup used in  Caribbean and tropical drinks) lime juice,  and a dash of Angostura Bitters.  This was much more to my liking, so much so that I had another during the  meal

The brunch menu has many of the traditional offerings, one would expect and some unusual dishes that we always quest for.  We started with the Skillet Sticky Buns and they are exactly as they sound.

Warm Sticky Buns


Next up the Crispy Chicken Livers, Deviled Farm Eggs four ways, as well as Salmon with raddish and  micro greens all three of these dishes were wonderfully presented and the taste did not disappoint.


Crispy Chicken Livers hot sauce blue cheese

deviled egg

Deviled eggs four ways




Salmon with Radish and Truffle oil

Now finally time to get some serious food, two of us opted for the Shrimp and Three Cheese Grits and one order of  Steak and Eggs with Yukon potatoes and chimichurri.  Both of these dishes hit the spot.  I am a big Shrimp and Grit fan, and will order this dish at least once in every restaurant that offers it.  This dish was so tasty I would certainly do it a second or third time.  My companion deemed the Flank steak, tender and flavorful. cooked to the requested doneness and temperature.  Eggs perfect if you like warm  runny yolks which she did.


Shrimp with Three Cheese Grits, pork sausage and charred tomatoes



Flank Steak, Eggs with Chimichurri


I know this will be hard to imagine but we also had dessert.  Yes we never miss an opportunity to over indulge, life is uncertain.  As I have been known to do I picked the sweetest, most chocolate dish on the menu; Peanut Butter Mousse chocolate rocher,  bourbon caramel, bruleed bananas.  If you love chocolate this is a must try dish.  My friend somewhat more sensible went with the Lemon Tart, lemon curd, candied citrus, Swiss meringue and raspberry sorbet.  Since I promised to share the third diner opted out.


Peanut Butter Mousse



Lemon Tart

Service in this spot über professional, servers young, hip, well versed in the menu pleasant personalities and go the extra mile to make the experience one that will make you want to return.  Moxie has been in this spot for a few years now and has passed the test.  My hats off always to Chef Tom and his staff…









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