Mama Q’s Pizza it’s more than a Pie it’s a way of life

Mama Q's Pizza


  • 10550 Old St Augustine Rd
    Ste 6
    Jacksonville, FL 32257


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  • Phone number(904) 260-6262
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I have been to Mama Q’s before I started blogging, but now that I am it seems like the perfect platform to sing the praises of this spot and the dedicated owner, RJ Ingerson.  I did not really know anything about him until recently although whenever I did visit he was  in the shop, cooking, talking with his customers, answering the phone, making the pizza and just generally doing it all.  His staff has been with him for quite a spell, which signals a positive  place to be, for this is no easy business.  A dedicated family man and community advocate, are proven by their involvement with the  Mandarin School art department, that painted the interior wall murals,  support for  the local fire department and boy scouts,  and   a portion of each pizza sale is donated to feed the hungry.    In turn the community supports them, by making this the place to go to when you want a great pie.  On my last visit a few weeks ago, we asked if we could tour the kitchen area, and have him share with us what the magic is.  RJ was happy to do so.  We learned all about the products, which is the key to good pizza;  he spoke to us about the flour he uses the 00 high gluten, which produces the perfect dough for the high elasticity needed to shape the pie.  The second ingredient he could not stress enough is the cheese. Mama Q’s used only 100% whole milk mozzarella cheese.  He told us the cheese they use is considered the best pizza cheese in the industry.  No additives, fillers preservatives or color agents.  Many of the restaurants in town may use this same cheese but have been known to  cut it with a less expensive blend to lower the cost.  Once you taste the pizza here you will understand the difference.  We took a trip to the walk in where everything was labeled, dated and categorized.  Gordon Ramsay would have nothing to scream about here, it was immaculate.  Peered into the oven and looked at the giant dough making machine.

Interior wall


Lets talk food; we started off with the Three Cheese Bread baked  Mozzarella, Parmesan and Cheddar with a side of simmered tomato sauce.

Three Cheese Bread


Next we opted for the Garlic Knots; delightful combo of fresh-baked dough, basted with olive oil, fresh garlic and just a smidgen of Parmesan.

Garlic Knots



Now the fun stuff;

Double Bacon Cheeseburger

Classic Pepperoni

Backyard BBQ

Kitchen Sink

Mashed Potato


Oh and two  more items:

Cinamon Maple Sticks/ Maple Icing


An entire tray of Tiramisue















So I refuse to go into the goodness and decadence of this food.  What I will tell you is there are only 4 spots in town where I will eat pizza and this spot is a journey  from my location, but I will gladly get in my car and drive here any time the mood strikes or a friend calls.  I can only encourage you to do the same, and tell your friends while you’re at it.


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