Cafe Andiamo

Cafe interior

  • 500 Sawgrass Village
    Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082
  • (904) 280-2299

Tucked away in a shopping center Cafe Andiamo, is a nice little retread for lunch or dinner.  Having the option of outside seating is always a plus when the weather is right  and the day we visited was a perfect example of why we live in Florida. The downside  the patio is on the parking lot,  not the most pleasing view, but you can make sure your car is not burgled.  Now the interior is another thing.  Dark, sexy, romantic, this room whispers sophistication.  Yes I know we should have moved inside, but the weather was not to be missed.  Once seated we were approached promptly, menus given, drink orders taken and we perused our options.  After that service went down hill.  Two servers, no one in the inside, one party in mid meal, and after the initial encounter we had to ask for everything: water, bread, something to go on the bread,  serving utensils to serve the antipasto,  more water, another drink, additional silver after they took our forks away.  You all know you’ve been there.   I just see the dollars flying off the tip tray, my way of dealing.

We started with the antipasto a beautiful assortment of prosciutto di parma, salami, olives, roasted peppers, peperoncini . anchovy with a large slice of grana padano, homemade mozzarella and provolone cheese.  This was a most stunning dish of the meal. Perfect in every way.



Antipasto Misto

My companion selected Linguine Gamberi I chose  Spaghettine Alla Puttanisca as well as a side of Spinach sautéed with garlic and olive oil.  This is what I will share, the sauce on both dishes was delightful,  I am a fan of Puttanisca gravy,  this may have been one of the nicer Puttaniscas tasted here in Jacksonville.  Now the pasta,  it could have used about 2/3 more minutes in the water, it was less than al dente it was almost hard in the middle.  The pasta portions were so large each dish could have fed two to three people,  I know who complains about too much food. I do when it becomes one large starchy ball,   I actually, served portions onto my bread plate to keep it from this very state.  Both dishes suffered from the same inattention before leaving the kitchen.   The sautéed spinach was perfect, garlicky not overcooked.  Just as we wanted.

pasta and shrimp

Pasta and Shrimp




The cheese conceals a massive ball of pasta in each dish. Sad


sauteed spinach


There is no denying this dish is inviting, garlic browned and sweet, quality olive oil used in the cooking.  We finally gave up on the pasta and moved to dessert.  We opted for the Cream Brulee, and some chocolate concoction  with a chocolate mousse, vanilla ice cream and chocolate dipped popcorn that made my head spin it was that good, and coffee. The Brulee was just that, I am not a fan of that dish.

andiamo brulee

Creme Brulee


andiamo dessert

So it you have never been, do go, but I encourage you to sit inside it is so .  Me unless some one insists on going there for lunch or dinner I will not be returning.


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