Oyishi Japanese Steakhouse Sushi &Hibachi; not for me


Oviedo Mall
1275 Oviedo Mall Blvd
Oviedo, FL 32765


I was in town for a graduation event.  The  parents made arraignments for a post event luncheon and chose this spot for the festivities. All ten of us arrived a few moments before our assigned time.  We did ask if we could sit at the Hibachi table and were curtly told no!  Okay we will just sit at the bar and have a few drinks.  After about fifteen minutes we were seated around at our assigned table.  I can’t imagine there are many who have not tried one of these spots nor can I imaging anyone who has, going back for a second time, but that’s me.  Our waitress, wasted no time getting us started with drinks, and took our orders;  steak, shrimp, chicken, lobster.  Soon after drinks the included with the meal bowl of Miso and Salad arrived.  Miso was lukewarm, tasteless, salad the usual iceberg lettuce, with a ginger dressing  had the strangest texture I have ever experienced.  I abandoned ship early with both these dishes.

Ginger salad


I also ordered  Beef Negimaki, normally a delightful dish of scallions wrapped in thinly sliced beef.  This dish arrived with a thick gravy like sauce that was loaded with salt.  It was in no way appealing.  I did scrape off the offending liquid,  the beef was tender and not overcooked.

Beef Negamaki


So next up the usual show of rolling out the food cart, listening to the banter and idiotic conversation carried on by the person cooking the food.  I refuse to use the word chef.  A few bangs on the cook top to gain our attention, the cook checks the order with each of us, to make sure there is enough to go around.  And then it starts, oil is squirted on the grill, eggs cracked, a few tricks flicking the spatula and more banging, onions stacked, and on and on.  I was thankful he wore no toque or we would have been forced to see him toss some shrimp tails into the top.  Yes I have seen this. Finally the meat and fish hit the grill and I am thanking Buddha this is almost over.

Let’s get this show started


More stuff more tricks














Things are heating up

















Protein hits the table














The last trick
















So as each item is cooked it is placed on our plates, rice first, then vegetables, and on to protein. A good time was had by all. Nothing good nothing bad just mediocre food. Now here is my rant. The diner must sit and listen to the banter of the cook, for me it is so intrusive and annoying I wanted to run out of the room, but this was not my party so I sat and put up with the BS being offered up. Well for todays flavor, we were offered up some seriously inappropriate musings about Tiger Wood and his womanizing ways. This person was actually gleeful about sharing this with us. If this had been my gig I would have been out the door. The laughter was uncomfortable around the table, and it was not until we were back at the host residence that I stated my opinion. Several agreed with me, a few told me to unwind. The unnerving part of this, after he left he moved to the table next to us and repeated the same, skit to that table.

After looking at pictures of the Sushi, I would certainly give this spot another try, but never would I subject myself or any one else to what I experienced.


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