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I learned about Restaurant Orsay several years ago, and have been a regular ever since.   I thought finally a restaurant in Jacksonville that will shake up the true foodies of the city.  Well it’s only gotten better.  I have reviewed this restaurant on social media in my pre-blogger days and  thought it was times to update and blog about  my love affair with this restaurant.   Once again the crew was off to one of the best bunches in town.  Reservations are a must, unless you don’t mind waiting, which is easily done in the bar or weather permitting out on the comfy couches and chairs on the patio. An impressive menu of craft cocktails as well as one of the best Bloody Mary’s in town is sure to please and for the non alcohol drinking guests juices and teas will fill the bill.   When we go as a group which is the  unusual, we just order in no special order and share every dish, so food just shows up as it is prepared and we just enjoy. Today was no different,

Let’s get to the food;  Two dollar Deviled Eggs perfect presentation tasty yolk and a perfect portion of Eden Farms bacon,  Next  Lobster Mac & Cheese  now I have tried this on every menu I seen in town and make my own but this is a beautiful dish full of bite sized pieces of lobster and a sweet combination of Parmesan Reggiano & Gruyere.  I always order the large portion, by the time my companions tasted it there was nearly not enough left.  Lesson:  never share!

Two Dollar Eggs with Eden Farms Bacon


Lobster Mac


Biscuits and Gravy, I can’t recall the last time I had a biscuit, but when it arrived it was a “please let me try” item.  Sweet, flaky, moist, warm  all at once, served atop a flavorful gravy that begged for dipping.  I will order my own next time in.

Buscuits and Gravy


Special on the menu for this day, Pork Belly, with Anson Mill grits and soft egg.  It is well documented that my love of pork belly is over the top and I have no shame.  Once again the chef at Orsay  manages to make it even better than the time before.  Grits smooth but not watery  and the egg just perfectly cooked.  For those of you who like to mix yolk and grits this is your dish.

Pork Belly, Anson Mills Grits, soft egg


Next the Duck Confit Hash.  I have only had Duck Confit in France but the moment I put the meat in my mouth the memories came flooding back. The fingering potatoes were browned to perfection and succulent with the duck fat.   OMG did I say Duck Fat.  This was truly a beautiful dish,

Duck Confit with Egg


And the food keeps coming, in the form of Shrimp and Grits this time,  another favorite of the group.  Some one always manages to order this dish when we are at Orsay, and it never fails. French Toast, large bias cut slices of French bread served with warm syrup.  The goodness just exudes from this dish.

Shrimp and Grits

French Toast


My own personal dish, Steak Frites  I’ve had this dish before so  expectation  was high that it would be perfect and it was.  Everyone, shared and um um their way on each bite.  Meat a warm pink center, juicy and tender, fries salty and needed no condiment in my world

Steak Frites



Well realizing  I am already into Augusts calories I should go ahead and have desert;  Chocolate salted caramel cheese cake.  This is actually a small bite,  so it was perfect, each person had a taste and I just enough to not push me over the edge, and one order of Profiteroles   Marvelous presentation  and everyone was more than happy to give these a try.

Salted Caramel Cheese Cake



For those of you who have dined at Restaurant Orsay, you already know the wonder of this spot, for the others please treat your self to one of the best  food experiences to be had in Jacksonville.  Post and let me know.



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