Lola’s Burrito Joint, I go for the great burgers

Lola Logo

  • 1522 King St
    Jacksonville, FL 32205


When you hear the name, Lola’s Burrito joint, well what comes to your mind?  Mexican?  For sure, but not you ordinary Mexican, think; sauces made with fresh ingredients, all proteins cooked to order, so… that’s not going to be quick, and it should not be a problem.  The menu offers a large assortment of items to choose from, appetizers, empanadas, hot wings, tacos, burgers and sandwiches, and the specialty burritos.  They can be regular, (dry or wet), V stuff (veterinarian), special grilled burritos, quesadillas, salads and several interesting entries.  This King St. spot has loyal followers, and you can expect to see regulars (we are) and people who just drop in cause someone told them to try it.  You can also expect this place to be packed on the weekend, and I can testify lunch is a very busy event each day.  All the staff members truly are a team, from the kitchen staff, to bar staff and the servers.  And it’s nice to see the same faces each time we go in, I like longevity in restaurant staff, makes me think management is doing something right.

Let’s get to what you came for, the food.  All my friends, come for the corn, burritos and tacos, me I am only interested in one thing, the burgers.  Yes there are many, well some great burger restaurants in town, and I can think of one right on the other side of King St.  but, nothing quite calls my name like a burger from Lola’s.  I have managed to identify 3 must have burgers and I rotate them or not.  Some of the burgers are just to strange for my taste, pineapple, peanut butter, egg, carnitas.  One burger actually has a grilled cheese sandwich, and 1/2 lb Angus burger,yucca fries and grilled onions.  But I digress, there is something for every taste, that’s the good news.  So on this visit we had usual; Chips with white jalapeno cheese sauce and the home made salsa,   Chips are made fresh in house thin, crispy, toasted brown, warm full of  flavor. Salsa is smokey with just a hint of heat, cheese sauce, creamy and rich.  I dip to get both on one chip……It’s sinful.

Chips Queso & Salsa

Next to the table the obligatory corn, it’s a joke for us, we have been known to order the plate of 6 and eat them all, we did not today.   IMHO, this is the best Mexican Street corn in town, don’t be fooled by imitations, deep fried (husk and all) coated with fresh cilantro, Cotija cheese and Lola’s adobo.  It’s a marvelous treat to the senses.

Mexican Street Corn

My companion had her corn with 2  Chimmy Steak soft shell tacos, with cabbage, diced tomatoes and Chimichurri sauce.  I prefer hard crisp shells and kitchen will comply if that is your preference.  I have had these tacos and will confirm they are very tasty, meat well seasoned and tender.

Tacos and Street Corn

The burger of the night was the Poblano Blue, half lb. of Angus, slow roasted poblano pepper, melted blue cheese, and grilled mushrooms.  Served with some flavorful fries sprinkled with ancho chili powder…… It was just what was needed for the perfect meal tonight.

Roasted Poblano Burger, with Blue

So once again we had a great time, good food, and some catch up conversation.

If you come on a weekend, come early and plan to stay and enjoy your meal, bring your friends so you can order multiple dishes to share.  I promise you will not regret the adventure.



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