Victorio’s Oyster Bar and Grille

Logo Victorio's

  • 1500 Alafaya Trl
    Oviedo, FL 32765

    Oviedo, East Orlando

My children, live in Oviedo and I am always happy to visit.  Recently there has been an explosion of restaurants. I’m thinking the proximity to Orlando is fueling this movement. Don’t think fine dining, it’s not quite there yet, think fun dining.  They found  a what could be considered just a step above a hole in the wall  spot, that they swear serves the best oysters around.  Well  Miss food snob, I don’t think so, agreed to join them for a few beers and some cold oysters.  I was totally unprepared for the experience. This family owned restaurant started as a small neighborhood pizzeria, and  has now grown into Florida’s #1, Italian Seafood Grille & Oyster Bar. They offer homemade sauces, and pizza dough, along with  freshly prepared seafood, and the best oysters money .  Who would  have know. They now boast 4 locations in central Florida.  I was eager to try it.

Table seating

Into the kitchen

Look Into the kitchen

The man with the glove


Funky spot in Oviedo

Ice cold oyster

We chose to sit at the bar, and get the fresh shucked oysters, shrimp and a few, well quite a few beers. Everything was spot on.  Oysters  big, salty, ice-cold and the man with the glove kept them coming.  Not one oyster had any sign of grit,  he did one of  the best jobs of opening those babies I can remember  These were so clean, they could be slurped from the shell.   I normally cover my oysters with red stuff and a ton or horseradish, not this time.   Naked was the way to go.

Ice cold oyster



Bucket of Peal and Eat Shrimp

The shrimps were ice-cold,  spicy and firm. I happily peeled away,  we had a few more beers and thought about what to eat next.  We are thinking the seared tuna….Good choice on our part….This was a most civilized dish and cooked to perfection.

Beer Stuff

Seared Tuna

We have spent much more for tuna that was no way close to the quality we found in this dish.  We decided we needed something to go with the tuna, hum, garlic knots sound good, and they were.  Hot, yeasty, salty and covered in garlic.  It was a feast.

Garlic knots


Well there was only one thing left to do.  Try the dessert……………..One slice of Cheese Cake with raspberry and a slice of Tiramisu.  Good choice again.  How fortunate can one family be?  The cheese cake was a tad too dense for me but the tiramisu was perfect………and went well with the beer.  LOL

Terra Misu with caramel

Tiramisu with salted caramel


Cheese Cake raspberry

So here is my prediction, I will be back in Oviedo in July, the one places I am going to eat will be   Victorio’s.  This time I’m in for the pizza and more of the garlic knots.



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