Giovanni’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria


  • 4250 Alafaya Trl Ste 132
    Ste 132
    Oviedo, FL 32765

    Oviedo, East Orlando

This is my second visit to this spot.  I was not impressed the first time, but I am always willing to give another try.  I may have been off that day, the restaurant may have been busy, or the moon may not have been in the correct phase, who knows?    We were promptly seated and our server greeted us with a smile.  That was about as good as it was going to get for me.  Since I was not too impressed with my last meal here, Chicken Parm, I wanted to try the Pizza.  We ordered our wine and some Garlic Knot ( my gal pal raved over these) and I have to admit they were quite good.  Warm, fluffy with a good balance of parmesan and garlic and butter.  This comes with a ramekin of Marinara dipping sauce. The problem  we  were served “Garlic Bread”, looking rather suspect and tasting about the same.

Garlic Bread

So when I questioned our server, out came what we had originally asked for.  Trust me, there is a world of difference.

Garlic Knot

We started with House Salad,  and the Pizza  Bruschetta.  The salad nothing special, nice house dressing though.  The Bruschetta on the other hand was quite nice.  Crispy slices of pizza dough with a nicely flavored tomato,  mozzarella cheese, whit  a drizzle of garlic and olive oil.

House Salad

Pizza Bruschetta

One friend chose the special; Chicken Florentine with spinach,  capers lemons, in a sherry wine sauce.   I think she ordered this before, and was playing it safe.  This is a nice dish but  a sauced a little too thick for my taste, but the lemony flavor saves it

Chicken Florentine

Next the Spaghetti with Italian Sausages.  I never understand why people order spaghetti, my experience has been it is normally pre-cooked  and by the time it gets to the customer it is just mush.  When this dish arrived, the overcooked pasta was not the only fail.  If you can imaging no thought given to plating a dish, this is it.  Just some pasta, red gravy and  a few links of sausage heaped on the plate.  Pasta well overcooked, and sausage quite bland.

Pasta and Sausage

The next dish, perhaps the worst dish I have ever seen served up in any restaurant was the Tortellini Giovanni.  If we eat with our eyes first, this dish would best be served with the diner blindfolded.  This looked like something you would eat after a night of too much partying and just needed sustenance, or perhaps prison food. But the 18 year old  that order this dish saw no problem, so who am to judge.


Tortellini Giovanni

True to my decision to try the Pizza, I selected a pie with sausage, and cheddar cheese.  I love a small amount of cheddar on my pie and order it often.  Easy peasy right?  Not.  When the pie arrived I was hoping for a bubbling cheese topped dish instead a lack luster pie arrived, no bubbles, no crisp crust, or hint of olive oil on top.  It just sat there looking sad.  I could not even bring myself to shoot the entire pie.  The crust was tasty, but the tomato sauce, was somewhat on the acetic side for me, bland sausage, and the middle just soggy.  In the end I ate the cheese and sausage off the top.  Trust me there were no to go boxes for this meal,


Sausage Pizza

So I have gotten this place out of my system, will never return, will not recommend it to anyone who asks.  There are better spots in town, that serve up some great food.   Look around first, read you local food bloggers posts, use social media.



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