Taipei 101


Taipei entrance
3050 Alafaya Trl
Ste 1008
Oviedo, FL 32765
I have been spending a great amount of time in Oviedo, or East Orlando as some call it this summer .  It has worked out quite well for me as a food blogger,  My  daughter in law lives here and she is happy to show me all the restaurants,  puts up with my  food picture-taking, our food  and others,  and if the lighting is bad she will shine the flashlight app installed on her phone so I can get the shot..  I love this woman.  So this visit we hit several places, and I have to confess my favorite was Taipei 101.  I know nothing about Taiwan Cuisine, but I do know what I like and Asian is at the top of my food pyramid.  And it’s always a plus for me when I am eating at a specific ethnic spot and I am the only person not of that ethnicity in the place.  Gives it creditably for me.
On entry, simply walk up to the counter and take a look at the board for the specials of the day, or snatch a menu off the counter.  If you come during lunch time, I suggest if you have a companion with you, have them snag a seat. They also have a brisk take out service.   This is a hole in the wall spot and it fills up and stays full.    Or if your open, just share a table if there is room.  I often ask “may  I sit with you”to some poor unsuspecting solo diner.


Clean interior

Order at the counter

Order at the counter







Once, you select just take a seat and your food will be served.  Most of the items appear to be cooked upon order, so there may be a wait, but please trust me here, you will be so rewarded.  We started with Sweet and Sour Soup and the Taiwanese Sausage.  Soup was better than most I have had in a spell, it did not have the jelly like consistency I have tasted in the past.  Not quite as spicy as I would have liked but still a winning dish.  There were many treats to enjoy.


Hot and Sour Soup

Sausages are home made, and have a most pleasant aroma and taste of 5 Spice. Texture was somewhat new to me, but I found it pleasant in my mouth.  I would order this again for sure, and would love to have it on one of the beautiful buns I saw arriving on other tables.

Taiwanese sausages................

Taiwanese sausage with garlic

Being the carb monster I had to choose the Rice Noodles with minced port  This was a good but safe choice on my part. With all the unknown items open to me, I went safe.  I was disappointed in myself but not the dish. It was really wonderful,  fragrant with spices, loaded with pork for the price it was a steal.  I normally would load a dish like this  with Sriracha, Hoisen or some other Asian style condiment.  This held it own, needed nothing.

Rice Noodles with minced pork

Now my companion chose wisely,  a golden filet of Basa fish, light and flaky, served with white rice, or noodles, tea cooked egg, slices of the sausage.  I am not a big fried fish person, yet was happy to have several pieces of this particular fish.  I could not identify the breading, not panco, or flour perhaps well crushed crackers.  Delightful.  Again for the price the amount of food is a steal.

Fried Bashia w Rice

Fried Bashia w Rice tea cooked egg, sausage

As I looked at the tables around us, there was such an interesting display of dishes, I was giddy with pleasure watching people just enjoy good simple food.  I was bold enough to ask if I could shoot some of  the dishes, and true to form, people are more willing than not to indulge me.  Take a look

Ginger Duck Noodle soup

Ginger Duck Noodle soup

This was next to us, and the aroma of ginger coming off this dish was amazing.  Large pieces of duck, and a dark rich broth.

BBQ pork w noodles

BBQ pork with noodles

I fell in love with the vegetables, they appeared to be crisp  with  a wonderful portion of  BBQ.

Chicken Foot

Chicken Foot

And what meal would  be complete with out a Chicken foot or two.  I have tried on more than one occasion to devour one of these babies, but it’s a no go for me.  Too much, work for so little reward.  Plus it’s always a little greasy.

So my verdict, I am going back to Oviedo in a few days and will make this a stopping place for lunch.  I don’t know of any restaurants like this in my area, I will have to ask around.  But now that I have experienced this food, it goes with out saying more will be needed.



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