• 155 William St
    New York, NY 10038

    b/t Ann St & Fulton St
    Financial District

I was lucky enough to get home to NYC for a few days.  When I think of all the food options that are available here, I miss this town so much.  In my life I have been in many cities big and small in the U.S., and have traveled extensively in Europe,  yet when I think food I always come back home to NY.  We did not have a food agenda this trip so we hit what ever sparked our fancy at a particular moment.  While out strolling early one evening we came upon BareBurger.

After looking in the window, in we went.  Expansive interior, upscale, clean lines, comfortable seating and some great wall art.  The idea behind Bareburger is healthy, organic food, made with the best ingredients possible and pride in their product.  It shows.  We perused an  the extensive list of choices and  placed our order, took our notification device and  found a seat.

Ordering station

Ordering station


Crazy Art



There are many fun objects to look at while you wait for the food to arrive

Wall decor

Wall decor

We sat here

We sat here










Once the food started to arrive we were more than ready, first up Onion Rings and Fries,  I have not seen hand battered Onion Rings in quite a while, especially at a burger restaurant.  This was such a welcome change

Hand crafted OR

Hand crafted Onion Rings

Crispy on the outside soft and warm inside.  Not a hint of grease.  Batter is nicely seasoned, and complimented by additional dipping sauce, Same for the fries.

Burgers arrived just in time,  we had been talking about the good aromas swirling around us and much like Pavlov’s dog we were salivating.

Bacon Blue Cheese

Bison Blue

This is the Bison Blue, a combination of bison, amish blue, country bacon, stout onions, tomato fig jam on a  grilled sprout bun.  The burger was hefty, cooked to my specifications and delicious.

Second choice was the Standard

Basic Burger

The Standard

Beef, stout onions, dill pickles, special sauce.  We have all heard “less is more” well that is the case here for sure.  A  simple meat pattie, with basic burger accompaniments somehow this was amazingly  tasty.  The quality of the meat shone through here and made this a worthy choice.  By the time we finished the meal, both of us were totally sated.  Although  the dessert offerings were tempting we had not room left.

Bareburger is well represented in different locations around the city,  so look at the site and find one near you and give it a try.  They also offer a delivery option.  I don’t believe you will be disappointed.


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