Braccia Pizzeria & Ristorante


  • 153 E Morse Blvd
    Winter Park, FL 32789

    Winter Park

What a great find on a rainy night. My spirit food guide found this recently opened restaurant and was intrigued with Pizza with a Brazilian flare.  Who could resist,  Off of Park Ave it’s easy to find,  The decor is  the most unique  I have seen in a while.  Although the room is small, large glass windows, rustic lighting and well decorated space gives one the feeling of a much larger, yet still intimate space.  One of the nicest parts was the music, relaxing just audible Brazilian/Portuguese jazz style tunes, sets a relaxing mood.  Weather permitting there is patio seating,  call and see if you can bring the dog, I forgot to ask.

Interior from the street

Street view

Interior board

Interior view











We were curious about the Brazilian aspect of the offering so we questioned our waitress.  She quickly explained about the difference in dough, toppings,  and cheese. evidently in Brazil very little sauce is used on pizza and in some regions catsup and mustard are used as toppings. The crust is very thin and crispy almost flaky.  Not anything I have ever experiences in past pizza adventures.   The cheese Catupiry  a soft, mild-tasting cheese and  thanks to my excellent Google skills I  found it was developed by an Italian immigrant in 1911.  Additionally along with the traditional pizza we are accustomed to they also offer a Sweet Pizza option with topings such as Banana and Cinnamon, and an interesting Serenta de Amore a chocolate pizza.  One other interesting note our waitress shared, the Brazilians and well most of Europe eat pizza with a knife and fork, but Americans eat it with their hands,  so they do supply disposable gloves at each table,  if that is your choice.  I have eaten pizza both ways, and find it sacrilegious to eat a slice with any utensil.

gloves for the hand eaters

Glove box for hand eaters

We eat with our hands sans gloves

We eat with our hands sans gloves










Armed with all the information we need, it’s time to order; we started with the Braccia Shrimp and Schiavo Octopus.

Braccia Shrimp with Pesto

Shrimp are torched and then served over home-made pesto sauce.  The were very tasty with a unique texture.  Pesto was flavorful and added another level to the dish.

Schiavo Octopus w baby potatoes garlic olives and rosemary

Schiavo Octopus w baby potatoes garlic olives and rosemary

This was a favorite for me, there is very little opportunity to eat octopus where I reside, so when ever it’s found on a menu I take advantage of the opportunity.  Served warm, nice pieces of charred octopus, small  whole potatoes and garlic, drizzled with a stunning green and peppery olive oil.  Just perfect.

For our pizza we opted for the Chicken with  Catupry, a plane pomodoro sauce, shredded chicken, mozzarella, catupry and oregano.

Chicken with Catupiry

Chicken with Catupiry

We were so pleased with the dish.  Smokey chicken, no overwhelming tomato taste from the sauce, plus the introduction to a new flavor/texture of the Catupiry.  I especially liked the crust, not soggy or greasy, crisp and pleasant to the palate.  A very pleasant experience.  We finished this off with gusto.

I was overruled for dessert, I wanted to sample the Braccia Special, homemade cheese ice cream with guava syrup and chestnuts, my guide wanted the homemade churros.  We have both eaten churros but I caved.

Homemage Churros w dulce de leche

Homemade  Churros w dulce de leche

It was the right choice, crispy flavorful in a wonderful sauce.  We also finished these.

As we were finishing up our meal, one of the owners approached us to inquire if we enjoyed our meal.  We found out they have only been open for about a month and a half, family owned, and working hard to bring their unique menu to this community.  We both told him we were very impressed and pleased with our dishes. I am always rooting for small restaurants that strive to be an asset to the community, so I must encourage anyone who reads this, from the Orlando/Winter Park area to make the trip and support this fledgling business.



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