Hunan Wok Restaurant


  • 1531 Monument Rd
    Ste 8
    Jacksonville, FL 32225

    Greater Arlington

A friend of mind showed up at my door yesterday with food from my favorite Chinese take-out placed.  Set in the Winn Dixie shopping strip,  I have frequented this spot for at least 10 years and through two owner changes.  It got me thinking it would be nice to post a quick review for people new in this area to possibly assist them in make a decision what spot to try.  There are four restaurants that will deliver to my house (5 mile radius) and I have tried them all at one time or another.  Some have items, that are not on the menu for Hunan Wok, an example being BBQ Ribs on the bone.  Hunan has the meatless but not bone in.  I prefer the former, so when I need a rib fix off it go to the other spot.  That is the only food item I will purchase there. My second reason for frequenting Hunan,  the food is a step above the others, and if I ask for hot and spicy that’s exactly what I get.  The owner know me so when we call in an order and ask for hot we get HOT.  Don’t look for anything exotic on the menu, all of these spots sell the same dishes, even the “Chef Special” are the same.  So it really does come down to the food taste plus quality and Hunan Wok wins each time.   One other consideration, is the cleanliness of the spot, and this is among one of the cleanest I have been in.  The front of the house is tidy, tables clean (only 2 tables) no stacks of anything laying around, or messy tables with out dated books or social media papers,  just a few adverts on the wall, some type of “Best of” sign, a rack of menus,  and a cooler for take out drinks.  You can call ahead, order on  line or just show up order and wait and best of all delivery.  As stated earlier there are two tables, if you want to eat it there, but mostly they are used for those waiting for the food.


Menu Cover










Here are some of the items, my friend picked for us.  My favorite the Singapore Mei Fung, “extra spicy”

Egg Rolls w Mustard and Duck Sauce

Egg Rolls w Mustard and Duck Sauce Nice and crispy good stuffing

Won Ton Soup

Tasty Won Ton Soup, noodles packed with goodness , noodles not gummy

Singapore Mei Fung (Street Noodles)

Singapore Mei Fung (Street Noodles)

So give it a test run, and if this is not to your liking there are three others to choose from.


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