Hawkers Asian Street Fare

Hawkers Enterance
1001 Park St
Jacksonville, FL 32204


When I think of Hawkers Asian Street Fare, first thoughts,  fun, tasty, adventuresome. I have been a fan since opening day and continue to return for the sheer joy of eating the food and being part of the energy that fills this space.  This spot is always on point, a haven for hip locals and those of us who have no problem driving to satisfy the Asian experience.  Small plates of well crafted and tasty Asian dishes with all the wonderful tastes, and spices used wisely to make  dishes that not available anywhere else in town.

When we come here, we just order the plates that interest us, and  in true Asian style they appear at the table when they are ready.  So if you think you going to have your soup, salad, entree, spaced out neatly,  you may be in for a surprise.

We were on a mission this visit, for a limited time  special menu items were being offered.  We were there for the Ramen. That does not mean we were not going to eat anything else, there are some items that are a must order no questions asked.  Here are a few of those dishes.

Roti Cani

Roti Cani



A most delightfully tangy dish with  a helping of Malaysian flat bread served with a side of spicy curry dipping sauce.


Spicy edamame

Spicy edamame

Edamame Uncovered (1)

Sea Salt Edamame


Wok Fried Lettuce w Soy Glaze

Wok Fried Lettuce w Soy Glaze

Roast Duck

Roast Duck, with wok seared green onions

Char su (BBQ pork)

Char Su (BBQ Pork)





Food pairs well with some Old Chub

Food pairs well with some Old Chub

 So it’s easy to see how much fun this could be with a group of your friends,  chop sticks flying  everywhere , finger licking and the joy of good food with good friends.
So let’s get to the reason we are really  here this go round.  I love ramen, especially fresh made ramen, not those 10 packs for $$ ramen.   And the promise was within reach.
Miso Ramen w Pork

Miso  Ramen w Pork

This dish was everything I hoped it would be.  Broth rich, spicy with a plentiful serving of the roast pork, perfect, melt in the mouth flavorful.  And when all the goodies are gone, just pick up the bowl and savor the broth.

Shoyu Ramen w tofu

Shoyu Ramen w tofu

The Shoyn Ramen with tofu is not as rich as the Pork Belly  but equally as good and perhaps somewhat more healthy.  I was not here to be healthy today.

And yes we did save room for dessert.  We shared a trio of  tea flavored brûlée custard.  These are very nice, and I especially favor the Thai tea dish.

Three teas; creme brûlée, Milk tea, green tea, thai tea

Three teas; creme brûlée, Milk tea, green tea, thai tea


Duian Fruit

Durian Fruit

I had to have my own dessert and this is the only spot in town that offers it. If you have heard about Durian fruit you know the smell is wicked, but the taste is well different, but pleasant and this preparation bring out the best in the fruit.  Plus someone else has already made it easy to enjoy.  So push out of your comfort zone and try something new.

So my thoughts, get your best foodies together, at make the tripe over and eat dishes you will not find anywhere else in town.  If you happen to live or be in the Orlando area, there is a Hawkers there as well and is equally as good in food and service.



Hawkers Asian Street Fare Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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