J. Alexander’s Restaurant

St. Johns Town Center
10296 Bistro Drive St
Jacksonville, FL 32246
I have not been to J. Alexander so when my friend suggested we meet up for a post birthday celebration, I was all in.  This is an upscale spot in the trendy Town Center Shopping Center, and has held it own against many of Jacksonville best dining spots.  Nice interior, dark wood, soft lighting, spacious seating, that creates the feeling of spaciousness.  The bar is equally as comfortable and if you choose your meal can be served there.  Weather permitting the outside seating is equally as comfortable.
Comfortable soft lighting

Comfortable soft lighting

Outside seating

Outside seating


















Bar View

Well stocked bar, offering top shelf spirits and craft cocktails.

Ginger Martini w snack nuts

Ginger Martini with mixed treats. One of the special drinks offered.


The menu is well organized, but quite basic, soup, salad, heavy on the steak, as well as  chicken, fish, pork and pasta offerings.  We shared two starters, the Smoked Salmon dip with crostini and a Kale Salad.  Both of the dishes proved to be an excellent choice.  The salmon is smoked in-house and had a deep rich flavor.  The Kale salad very palatable, accompanied by a mild vinaigrette that proved to be quite pleasing.  Kale the new spinach is working its way onto my food list especially when it is served well as this was.

Smoked Salmon dip

Smoked Salmon dip w Crostini












Kale Salad

Kale Salad












My friend suggested we try a bottle of her favorite wine with dinner, a rich  Matchbook Syrah, it was a brilliant choice since we were both ordering the steaks.  She opted for the New York Strip that is accompanied by the Not your ordinary Mac n Cheese. and I chose the brassiere style steak with Mac n Cheese substituted for the fries.

New York Strip with Mac n Cheese

New York Strip with Not your ordinary Mac N Cheese

Brasserie style steak with Mac n Cheese

Brasserie style steak with Mac n Cheese

I was not quite sure about the Brassiere style steak, this is usually a  Hanger or Onglet steak, that is prized for its flavor and why I so love it.  I was confused as to  what this cut was.  The ends were quite grizzly and difficult to cut, but once past that hurdle the meat was quite tender, flavorful and cooked just as I requested so I have no negative comments.  The Mac n Cheese is just a described on the menu Not your Ordinary, it truly was a top of the line dish. The Syrah, added  wonderful spicy notes of  blackberry, plum, and peppery flavors so very suited to the rich meat.

We finished  up the night sharing a piece of the most wonderful carrot cake I have ever experienced.  Carrot cake is one of my favorite desserts, and this particular cake was exceptional.  Served warm, with cream cheese icing, an on this occasion one birthday candle.




Carrot Cake turned in to birthday cake with a candel

Carrot Cake turned in to birthday cake with a candle

Based on this experience, I would certainly return for lunch or a Sunday brunch.  So gather up a few friends, or make it a date night, or special occasion.   I believe you will enjoy the experience.


J. Alexander's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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