Oishii Sushi

Enteranch Sushi
4375 Southside Blvd
Ste 4
Jacksonville, FL 32216


I have eaten at Oishii about a year ago, and never found the need to return.  Recently some friends of mine went and raved about the fact the restaurant was now serving Ramen.  This is pretty scarce in Jacksonville, and when the need arrives, which is often I travel down to the beach to Tomo  Japanese Restaurant.  It always pleases.  I looked at the pictures my friends had posted and decided it was time for a trip back to Oishii.

Tables and booths

Lots of neon, well lit and comfortable


Sushi Bar Seating

Sushi Bar seating

Once we were seated, our server arrived to take our drink orders, and present the menus,  the restaurant was quite busy for a Tuesday night, and with only two servers and one person at the Sushi bar, there was no lapse in service.

We started with the Pork Pot stickers and Beef Negamaki, both of this dishes proved to be very tasty.  A little twist with the Beef, it is normally presented as  broiled strips of beef, marinated in teriyaki sauce, then rolled with scallions.  Our dish, slices of rare beef, marinating in the sauce with a healthy amount of scallions.  I have to be honest, I much preferred this method of preparation. Fantastic, fresh taste, meat top quality.

Beef Negimaki

Beef Negamaki, this was a most tasty dish.


Pork Pot Stickers

Pork Pot Stickers, nutty and flavorful, skins are tender and not dense.  Dipping sauce added the final touch.

My friend went with sushi,   Mermaid Roll, (Tuna, salmon, yellow tail, tobiko, avocado, cucumber & scallion wrapped w. soy paper) and  the Yellow tail Jalapino roll (Spicy yellow tail, cucumber topped w. yellow tail jalapeno special sauce) and two singles of Eel

Mermaid Roll, Jalapeno and Yellow Tail, Eel holding up the back

Mermaid Roll, Jalapeno and Yellow Tail, Eel holding up the back

The best item of the night; Mermaid roll.  I have never tasted Soy Paper, being used to Nori this was a pleasant change.  The sushi had a interesting sheen, almost like it had been polished.  The taste was subtle almost sweet but matched nicely with the spice of the fish.   Jalapeno with Yellow Tail was way to overpowering for my taste buds.  I can do spicy with the best, but the fish was lost to the taste of the pepper. Not a favorite for us.  The Eel is the Eel, flavor is fine, but the texture is too strange for me to handle.

Since I had only one thing on my mind I ordered the much anticipated Tonkatsu Ramen, pork bone base soup, they also offer Shoyu Ramen, which is a soy sauce base broth.  I am sad to report the soup was a big fail.  Broth almost flavorless, pork, normally a beautiful piece of well browned meat thick cut   arrived with a  gray, anemic, slice of meat  with more fat than meat.

Not the best Ramen

Not the best Ramen


Pork Belly Ramen

Pork Belly Ramen

So I am not going to recommend this dish, but we know that everyone likes something different.  There are many reasons to give this spot a try,  but I don’t think I will return any time soon.







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