Catch 27

 Exterior enter up the ramp
 17 Hypolita St
St. Augustine, FL 32084
Catch 27 was recommended by a friend of a friend, so why not.  I like fish and any small local restaurant, will always be a first pick over big chain dining.  Rainy night so the patio seating was closed.  It only seats about eight guests but is very cozy and one does get a view of the tourist and locals out strolling. Inside this small restored house shabby  beach look,  few tables in the main and a few more on the porch, seating about 35 total.  Very comfortable and welcoming.
The pass

The pass the magic happens behind this wall

Small dining room

Small dining room with a few tables on the porch

Due to the weather the main was packed, and I chose to wait, the hostess offered me a glass of wine and a comfortable place to sit.  Things are looking good.  After a short time, I was seated at a two top, just perfect since I was solo, and I had a perfect view of the entire dining room.  That is always good, the food has to travel past me, and if there is something of interest going by I ask “what is that?”. Menu and water appeared, offer of another glass of wine, and I was set

menu cover

Menu Cover

Choice of  three appetizers, one chowder and two salads, some sandwiches and tacos, and on the entrees meat, poultry, fish and pasta.  Thinking about the size of the restaurant this was a good move.  I started with the Blackened Shrimp and Grits. Three cheddar and bacon grit cakes, topped with lightly blackened shrimp and sherry cream sauce. I prefer my grits creamy style, it has been my experience that grit cakes are often dry tasteless  and just nasty, not so here.   These cakes oozed  creamy sweetness, warm and just the proper amount of salt,  Shrimp,  translucent well blackened as I had asked for and the sherry cream sauce, pulled it all together.  Score big for appetizer.

Creamy Grit cakes with Blackened Shrimp

Fish of the day was flounder, so the obvious choice for me; Blackened fish served with angel hair pasta, green beans, and more sherry cream sauce. The dish arrived well plated and a more than ample filet.

Catch of the day flounder with angel hair and green beens

Catch of the day flounder with angel hair and green beans

The dish was appealing in every aspect, pasta al dente, fish firm and moist, sauce flavorful, green beans shining like emeralds on the plate, but sadly cooked to almost mush.  How very unfortunate for me.  I do believe they were fresh beans at one time, but so overcooked it mattered not.  It did not deter me from enjoying all the good of the dish. One more glass of wine ( I was not driving) and I was ready for dessert.

My server tempted me with the magic words, Pumpkin Spice.  Yes it’s that time of year again, so who am I do deny myself.

Spiced Pumpkin mousse

Spiced Pumpkin mousse

This more than made up for the green beans.  I almost licked the bowl clean.

Overall I give Catch 27 high points and would certainly return for the Grits and Shrimp dish.  Perhaps having it for the entree next time  and trying the chowder, it looked impressive going by my table.

I only have one cautionary note.  The dining room is quite small, take a peek in and see if there are any small uncontrolled children inside, unless you choose to listen to them for the duration of your meal it would be wise to try and score an outside seat.


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