Indochine San Marco Buddha Lounge

1974 San Marco Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32207
Inochine is a favorite around town, with two locations, the one being reviewed  and the downtown  space located at 21 E. Adams St.  The menu is basically the same and quality of food is interchangeable.  That is a plus for the diner.  If you’re in town, you can be assured the food will be as well prepared, beautifully plated and served in a friendly, serene manner as the  San Marco space.  I have eaten at both, and the only thing that dictates where I go is the choice of a large bar area, outside seating and proximity to where I am.  Tonight the girls were near San Marco and it was dinner time, the weather perfect and a parade of foot traffic on the Blvd. set the tone of the evening.
Buddha Lounge

Buddha Lounge downstairs

Dining area

Dining area second level

Outside seating

Outside seating

Service prompt and friendly, and is consistently so at this spot.  Drinks were a little slow getting to the table, but it was a busy  and we people watched.

First up we started with the most beautiful Tom –Yum Gai a tangy kaffir lime and lemongrass with chicken, mushroom, peppers and onion.  Shrimp, fish and seafood can also be selected if desired. Rich and layered with flavors, this is a meal in it self.

Tom Yum Gai

Add to that some must have Sea Salted Edamame, Chicken Satay and  house sesame dressing  then  a Yum Salad, we chose the sliced beef tossed in chili, garlic, fresh lime and cilantro served over spring mix. This was ordered   at a heat level of 4 which is on the cusp of Thai Hot but will not blow your head off.



Chicken Satay

Chicken Satay

Yum Salad

The appetizers all  well presented but I must admit the Yum  salad was well received and quickly finished.  I absolutely crave spicy, flavorful food and this dish satisfied all those needs.

Now we settled in for a round of serious food,   Shrimp Fried Rice,  Red Curry,with   shrimp, sweet pepper, onion, basil, bamboo shoots and Thai eggplant, and two orders of Prig King, made with  string bean, red bell pepper & ginger in a dark spicy chili garlic sauce; both  with chicken . We asked our server to stagger delivery so we could take our time to savor and share each dish.  He did an excellent job of timing.

shrimp fried rice

Shrimp Fried Rice

Red Curry

Red Curry with Shrimp









King Prow

Prik King

Each of these dishes were delightful in their own way, but the dish voted the best was the Red Curry.

Final thoughts, matters not which location you choose, the food will please, be served by staff that do the very best for the customers.  It is just a matter of where you are, and if you prefer to dine out or in. They do a good job with groups, and as you see but this posting, if you have enough people there is no problem ordering lots and lots of food.  That’s what those little white boxes are for.



Indochine San Marco & Buddha Lounge Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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