Kimchi Korean Restaurant

7 Alafaya Woods Blvd
Ste 1000
Oviedo, FL 32765

Oviedo, East Orlando

As always, I look for the unusual food that will spark my palate.  Today  that quest brought me to Kimchi Korean.  There are several Korean restaurants where I live and I enjoy them, different from Thai or Chinese  it’s always good to take a challenge.  I am not very familiar with Korean, so I am thankful when the menu includes ingredients, and any descriptor.  That being said I ordered a bottle of Hite , a south Korean beer.  Very mild and refreshing.

Korean Beer

Korean Beer

I started with Mul Man Doo a boiled beef and vegetable dumpling.  I was a little unsure of boiled, my usual is the pan-fried, and when they arrived it was a pretty boring dish to look at.  Served with a light dipping sauce made with a combination of soy sauce, rice vinegar and sesame oil.  Much to my pleasure the dumplings were most tasty, the skin that held the filling in was  tender and not rubbery.  Meat and vegetables well spiced but not overwhelming.

Steamed Dumplings

Mul Man Doo

Next up I want to try the Gal Bi, Korean style BBQ very tender and spicy. The fun with this dish is to treat it as finger food.  It’s messy but satisfying

Gal Bi

Every Korean meal includes anywhere from 2 to 12 side dishes known as Banchan (appetizers) mine consisted of  Fish Cake, Potato, Bean Sprout, Cucumbers and Kimchi.  This worked well with the meat almost as a palate cleanser.

All the flavors

Left to right: Bean Sprouts, Potatoes, Cucumber, Kimchi center Fish Cake

For my last dish I opted for the Ojingeo Bokeum a spicy stir fried squid and vegetable dish.   I did ask for additional spice,  and was happy that the chef listened. It was good this was my last dish, my taste buds were so destroyed by the heat, I never would have tasted anything else.  The beer did lend itself to calming the fire though.  Hands down this was my favorite dish.

Spicy Sauteed Squid

Ojingeo Bokeum

Final thoughts, if you like Korean, or looking to expand your food knowledge, Kimchi Korean is an excellent spot to try.  Staff is friendly, efficient and tend to your needs.



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