Las Antillas Food Market

enter Las Antillas
3807 Southside Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32216
 If you are looking for authentic, inexpensive Puerto Rican food,  Las Antillas is your go to spot.  Family  run and owned another one of Jacksonville’s hole in the wall spots easily missed.  My friends have been raving about the  Mofongo  and how  Las Antillas had the best in town. Me I am clueless about Puerto Rican food, and any dish called Mofongo did not spark any interest.  I likened it to Haggis just by name association..  My ignorance was on full boil.  Well the universe provided a venue where I actually had the opportunity to try Mofongo and I was in.  Based on that experience I knew I had to   sample  the “best” in town a trip to Las Antillas was on the calendar.  Much to my dismay,  I was too early in the day, it is normally rolled out around 2 pm and  once it’s gone it’s gone.  Well I was there and the aromas from the hot table, tempted me to stay and taste.

Interior is clean, and eclectic, few tables and counter

You order at the counter different items daily, no set menu, get your food, then sit down (or pay if you are doing take-out). Food is in covered containers, hot table style.  I had no clue what I was looking at so I asked for full disclosure on my visit.  On the day of my visit, there were two rice dishes, several stew like dishes, yucca,  chicken, veal, roast pork,  sweet plantains.  I played it safe and went with the Veal, one of the rice dishes, Arroz con Gandules,   a rice dish with pigeon peas; these are  a small oval beans with a nutty flavor and most delightful,  plus  Yucca with onions.
Veal, Rice and Yucca

Veal, Arroz con Gandules. Yucca 

 Everything  on the plate, was wonderful.  Not a rice eater, I was pleased  how flavorful and toothsome this dish was.  The veal was melt in the mouth, perfect, and the gravy nicely spiced,  the yucca with onions as expected, I enjoy yucca and could have eaten more of this dish.  Wanting more, it went back and took another look in the dessert case, several cake types, and flan.  The lady behind the counter, encouraged me to try the Cream Cheese Flan.  So since I was in experimental mode, I took her advice.  Win for me.  This was sweet, and more creamy than other flan I had experienced in the past.
Most delishous crem cheese flan

Most delicious cream cheese flan

 So in conclusion, it’s my intention to learn more about Puerto Rican food.  Actually we already have a date and time set to come for the Mofongo.  Some advice, if you decide to come expressly for the Mofongo, call and ask what days and time it will be served, the dish sells out quickly.

Las Antillas Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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