Boca Kitchen Bar Market

Bocca enterance
358 North Park Ave
Winter Park, FL 32789

Winter Park

So the day after Thanksgiving we were already over turkey, ham and everything else associated with the feast.  On the prowl for something wonderful we did a road trip to Winter Park.  After a leisurely spin around the Morse Museum we went food questing, and did not have far to go.  Park Ave in Winter Park and a wonderland of fine and not so fine dining.   We spotted Boca almost immediately, and what a find it was.  Since there were no tables available, outside we dined in, and were rewarded but scoring a table next to a wall of fresh growing lettuce.  I could reach out and pluck the leaves.  I also took an investigative trip around the space.

Tables and more lettuce











fresh greens on every table

Fresh Greens on every table


Vibrant bar scene on our visit

prep table in the kitchen

Prep table in the kitchen
















charcutterie and fresh greens

Charcuterie, cheese and more fresh greens
















We knew we had hit the mother lode.

Menu tempting us with Chef Bites, small bits of goodness, Tastings, a larger portion of equally unique treats, flatbread, salads from the “wall” and of course the Market Specials.

We started with the Joyce Farms Chicken and Dumplings, to share……….what a tasty dish.  It was so flavorful and packed with fluffy dumplings, vegetables, and large amounts of chicken. Also  the Gnocchi butternut squash with brocolllini, pillows of potatoes gnocchi, large diced pieces of soft sweet squash and oyster mushrooms.  This was a magnificent dish, we all loved.


Chicken and dumpling soup…

Gnocci butternut squash brocollini

Gnocchi butternut squash brocollini oyster mushrooms

There is an item on the menu Staff Meal the statement being ” Just order it, the chef says you’ll love it”.  I see no problem with this and neither did one of the group.  It turned out to be a braised chicken thigh covered in a most flavorful ratatouille.  And they were correct this dish was magnificent. Humble chicken elevated to a higher level.


Chicken ratatouille, sour cream

Having had my fill of any thing that smacked of bird, I went with the meat loaf, smoked prime beef, mashed potatoes, maple glazed brussel sprouts and Boca sausage gravy.  Well if we thought the chicken was good this was  meatloaf taken to the next level.  The smokieness of the meat, complimented the maple in the glaze.  The portion was so large all four of us shared.

meat loaf, garlic mashed brussel sprouts

Meat loaf

And for our last selection two OMG Prime Burger, bib lettuce from the wall,  local  Winter Park Dairy White cheddar, in house pickled onions, with sweet relish aioli and truffle fries. The fries were so tasty we ordered an additional portion   I have not seen a burger this attractive in a while, food porn at it’s finest.  We oohed and aaahed over these burgers.  Everyone shared.

Buger truffle fries

Buger truffle fries

Well it goes with out saying, no dessert was required.  Well sated the happy group was ready to walk for a while.

Verdict, this is a not to be missed spot.  If you can’t find something on this menu to your liking, well  you know.  I always encourage to gather those you love and make it a special night around the table .



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