Lazy Moon What a Pie!!!!

LM enter

11551 University Blvd
Orlando, FL 32817
East Orlando

I am always up for Pizza, but when my friend suggested we go to Lazy Moon, I was not too keen.  Why, it’s in the middle of the UCF area, so too me that meant cheap, bad pizza and lots of beer.  That was so off the mark.  If you have the time take a look at the home page,  Lazy Moon it really is a hoot.   Any way it was a very satisfying experience, and I had the largest piece of Pizza ever.  Plus have you ever been to a Pizza place that has a Bocce court?  No well Lazy Moon has one, and according to my host it’s very popular, so much so there will be a Bocce League starting soon.

Beer on tap

Wall of beer choices

order at the counter

Order pizza here


Bocci area

Area for Bocce, and wall of live plants….

So let’s get to the food, being a novice here I was looking for a small pie or individual.  Well there is no small pie, the single diner orders by the slice,  again there were visions of doubt swirling in my head, but I was committed.  Picking my usual, Italian sausage and black olive, my companion, chicken  and cheese and a Greek salad to share.  Order at the counter  get your drink and take a seat.   When the food is ready, a staff person calls your name, then brings it to your table.  I was not ready for what arrived.

First the Greek salad, a well composed bowl of the freshest vegetables.  Always happy with a Greek that is not loaded down with lettuce and short on the good stuff, this salad was perfect.

Greek Salad

Greek Salad

Next up Pizza stuff, the single slice is roughly half of what we call an individual. or small pie.  New York style crust, fresh sauce not too acidic sausage just a hint of heat but good quality meat, none of that grizzly stuff, and the olives  plentiful.

Sausage and Black Olive

Sausage and Black Olive
















Huge Pizza slices

The pizza slice is on a 10 inch round.















So the verdict, excellent pizza, clean and fun environment, and highly recommended.  My suggestion gets about five of your besties, go and order an entire pizza then dig in.  I hope your experience will be a good as mine was.



Lazy Moon Pizza Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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