Ruth’s Chris Steak House

Ruth Chris
 Hilton Jacksonville & Towers
1201 Riverplace Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32207

People I know rave about Ruth Chris, and it is lost on me.  I have tried several of these spots around the country, and find them all pretty much the same, overpriced, and not all that amazing.  My only reason for being here for this post is, once again I fell prey to the myth.  The foodies wanted to go to happy hour.  Now that is something that appeals, so off I went.   Mistake!

Ruth Chris HR

Menu for the bar

Pom Martini

Pomegranate Martini the best choice of the evening

First it is a nice room, but not comfortable.  Four or five high top tables, with chairs so close together, in order for some one to sit, the person next to them mus get up and then squeeze in.  Nice bar, but again limited seating.  The view is great and that’s the best I can do.  The room was packed and service sparse, although it must be said our person was great and did his very best to keep all eight of us happy.

Menu is as expected heavy on the meat with  three seafood offerings,  five cocktails and a beer and wine selection.  We did arrive early in order to secure  space for us together so for us this was dinner and drinks.

This was not an adventurous group, all ordered the  Steak Sandwich with Fries, me being me ordered the Spicy Lobster with a side of fries.  My friend from Boston immediately dissed me for this.  She knew it was going to be bad and she was right. Small bits of what was called lobster but could have anything round and white, fried and covered with a not so flavorful cream sauce.  Nothing pleasant about this dish.  I finally gave up on it.

Spicy Lobster

Spicy Lobster and Cream sauce

The steak sandwich, was well just that. Big on bread, according to several of the guests, meat was lacking in flavor, although tender.  I did speak with two of the diners after and they also felt this was not a win, and would not venture here again.

Steak Sand

Steak Sandwich with Bearnaise Sauce

So the take away, for me  never, never, return.  If you have not yet fallen for the Ruth Chris hype, and just want to spend the money give it a try.  There are several very good and versatile happy hours in and around Jacksonville, that are much better.   Let me know..



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