Pizza Time

 Pizza Time
 124 St. George St
St. Augustine, FL 32084

So, if someone would have told me I would make this statement, I would deny it to the very end, but I am here to put it in writing today.  I experienced Pizza this weekend as good as, and I willingly say better than pie I have eaten in New York.  I grew up on New York pie and even in my travels all over Italy, there has never been any to match New York pie.  So where is this place you ask; St Augustine on St George St.

Window on St George St

Believe this hype

Believe this hype

Array of choices

Array of choices


Fresh Mix for Salad

When you enter the aroma hits and it’s like being in a trance.  Round pizza, square pizza, garlic knots, fresh from the oven, calzones,  cannoli and gelatto.   It’s a wonderland of pizza and all the goodies that are associated.

Cash only, beer, wine and soft drinks, take a tray look over the options,  place your order, pay and take a seat,  be prepared to be blown away.  My only regret on this visit, I was alone, so there was  only so much I could eat.  But I happily struggled through it.

First order, the Garlic Knots were just leaving the oven, so I chose an order, which is three knots, and a side of Marinara.  They glistened and were heavy with garlic and cheese.

Fresh from the oven

Fresh from the oven

Next two square pieces, because I always ask for the end, all that wonderful crisp dough and cheese.  One piece of Sicilian and one piece of Grandmas pizza.  There was so much cheese on the Sicilian, I could hear my arteries slamming shut.  I continued to eat.



The Grandmas square was my favorite slice.  spicy, not extra heavy with cheese, and fresh, herbs sprinkled over the top.  The crust brown  sweet and salty.  I ate half of each, and about midnight wished I had the leftovers .

Grandmas Pie

Grandmas Pie

I did save room for a cannoli always my dessert of choice.  This one is made fresh, on order, the shell remains crisp and flaky, cheese sweet and cold,   powdered sugar adds the final sweet touch.



If cannoli are not to your liking just step into the other room and choose from about twenty flavors of gellato.  Healthy servings guaranteed to make you happy.

Many wonderful gellato options

Many wonderful gellato options

Chocolate Pistashiao

Chocolate Pistashiao this would have been my choics

Weather is getting cool here in Florida, yeah around 60, but still good pizza eating weather.  Make a day of it, ride on down see the sights, do all the tourist things and after that, grab a slice a cold beer or perhaps a soft drink, and be perpared to have your taste buds explode with the best pizza you have ever experienced.

” I don’t eat fast food, but I can’t live without pizza”

Trevor Donovan




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