A and J’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream

469 Atlantic Blvd
Ste 5
Atlantic Beach, FL 32233

Website: https://www.facebook.com/oldfashionedicecream

What a great find tonight.  After dinner my companion wanted to come to A & J’s for some ice cream.  Strange it was the coldest day here so far, a frigid 50, and he wanted ice cream.  Why not, I have learned to trust all his food choices.  This spot is a true hole in the wall, set in the corner of a  strip mall on Atlantic Beach , I honestly don’t know how anyone finds this place, but once you find it not only do you return, you  take your friends with you.  I know for sure I will.

A strange combination of  desserts, ice cream, frozen yogurt and BBQ are offered.  Yep BBQ and a nice menu selection at that.  Waffle cones are made on site, as well as the ice cream and sorbet, from the freshest seasonal ingredients.

Ice Cream maker from the ealry 1900

Ice Cream maker from the early 1900

If my information is correct the owner, Josh was involved in Physics Research and some how  translated that knowledge  it to making ice cream.  The churn pictured above has been motorized now, and is used each day to make the most wonderful concoctions you can imagine.

Many choices

Many choices

As well as the sugar or waffle cone, you may want to sample the shakes,  floats or the 10 flavor flight served with a flat waffle or the mini puddle jumper of 5 flavors  a mini waffle platter.

My friend chose the Mini 5

5 Item sampler

Mini Platter 5 your choice flavors

I was going to go with the healthy Kombucha sorbet, but I made the wonderful discovery of  the Salted Caramel and all thoughts of healthy left my head.  This was the ice cream of my child hood I was in heaven.

Salted Caramel

Salted Caramel

Once the holidays are over, I intend to return in order to test out the BBQ or one of the Rice Bowls.

Don’t miss an opportunity to try this spot.  I am big on supporting small local business owners in their quest to preserve and serve the community.

A&J's Old Fashioned Ice Cream Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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