Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurant

Cooper Hawk Enter
4850 Big Island Dr
Jacksonville, FL 32246
I first visited Cooper’s Hawk in July of 2015,  I was so offended by  what I perceived to be  Guerrilla tactics in an attempt to get us to sign up for the wine club. along  with the constant sell  through out the meal,  and the food being nothing I have not sampled before. So I was in no hurry to return when another in the chain of wineries  opened in Jacksonville in October.  I passed on all the invites until this week when a close friend ask me to join her.  She knew the story, had read my review but we decided, perhaps CH,  had enough feedback and eased up on the sell. I am  happy to announce, there was not one instance of any pressure to” join the  club”.  We were both asked it we had been here before, and were we familiar with the winery, one no,  one  yes, so perhaps our server took the yes as a well they know the drill  that allowed us to enjoy our meal.

This particular building is almost a twin image of the Orlando store, upon entering, it is immediate  wine and gift option overload, it’s everywhere.  Waiters float through  the crowd, passing out samples of wine, and handing out cards with info about the club,   you can  also step up to the ample bar to sample many other wines available through out the club. This is my favorite way to test the  wares.

wine tasting bar

Wine Tasting bar

You can purchase the wine it you like it

You can purchase the wine it you like it

Set up to capture you before you get to the table

Set up to capture you before you get to the table

Wine Accosseries

Wine accessories and gifts

Chocolate Offerings

Chocolate screams buy me buy me.

It is difficult to walk past this particular counter,  we looked the other way.

Once you do make it back to the hostess stand, hopefully like us you will be greeted by a staff of friendly smiling faces, to take your name or seat you if reservations are in place.  We were seated in an ample dining room, filled with booths, and large tables.  This particular evening every table was full.

We selected some wine but the glass to start, my companion the house red, me the LUX Chardonnay.  Neither if us were overwhelmed with the wine.

Red House blend

Red House blend

LUX Chardonay

LUX Chardonnay










Menu is very ambitious, almost too much for me.  I am a diner who relishes few choices but excellent execution  and taste, to the many options but mediocre results.   We started with the Roasted Beets with whipped goat cheese, arugula and candied walnuts with balsamic glaze  and  the Burrata and Prosciutto with EVOO and Lavash Crisp.  One thing I do appreciate about the menu, each dish displays a wine that should compliment the food.  I dearly love wine paring, just not when I am driving.

Roasted Beets

Roasted Beets

Sweet, firm sparse on the Goat cheese, glaze balanced well with the sweetness of the beets.

Buratta with Prochuitto

Buratta with Prochuitto

Buratta, is always welcome at my table, sadly stingy portions of Prosciutto was a disappointment.

I anticipation of our entrees arriving our server brought us the marvelous warm and salty pretzel bread, which we devoured quickly.

Salty, Sweet, Warm, Pretzel Bread

Salty, Sweet, Warm, Pretzel Bread

My companion chose, Gnocchi with Butternut  Squash sage, brown butter cream, shaved Parmesan. To the credit of the chef and kitchen, the Gnocchi were excellent,  every element of the dish was in true harmony.  But,the squash on top was cold.  These little missteps are what separates the great dinner experience from the mediocre.

BUTTERNUT SQUASH bin 73 Sage, Brown Butter Cream, Shaved Parmesan

Butternut Squash, Sage, Brown Butter Cream, Shaved Parmesan

I opted for the Short Rib Risotto,  Carnaroli Rice, mushrooms, sweet onions, white wine, shaved Parmesan, white truffle oil.  Over all I like this dish, the truffle oil added much to the taste. and the rice was cooked perfectly,  the meat fork tender well flavored and smoky.

Braised Short Ribs Riaotto Truffel oil

Braised Short Ribs Risotto Truffle oil

In conclusion, it was nice to not having to deal with the wine sale spiel, the food, some interesting dishes but I don’t know if I am convinced they will be well executed.  It is likely I will return, if for not other reason than I know my besties enjoy this place, and I will put up with less than marvelous food to dine with my friends any day.

Give it a test, bring you family, loved ones, your pet, they have outside dining, call ahead and check though.




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