Milano’s Italian Resturant Pizza and Bar

Milanos sign

12620 Beach Blvd, Ste 21

Jacksonville, FL 32246

So I found myself at this spot by mistake, I took the wrong road and when I realized it I was too lazy to make changes.  I spotted Milano’s as I was turning around to go back.  Once I pulled into the parking lot, I got out the phone and logged into my favorite Social Media spots to check this place out.  Nice local family business  always a plus,  middle of the road reviews and from my own experience of living in Jacksonville I know good Italian is difficult to come by, I can count on one hand Italian restaurants I frequent.  Being in a “nothing ventured nothing gained state of mind in I went.  Really too early for dinner and too late for lunch there was only one party of 6 in the space.  I chose a spot in the back by the open kitchen and TV.

Spacious, bar seating and booths not over decorated  I took a seat.  The waitress found me and brought  a menu.

Bar Space

Bar Space with seating for dinner

Open Kitchen

Open Kitchen

I started with the Seafood Soup at the recommendation of a waiter who was in the back area where I sat.  He told me it was home made and a combination of Marinara and Alfredo sauce with vegetables, shrimp and mussels.  I was intrigued so I ordered. When it arrived I was astounded at the size, served in an oversize bowl brimming with broth a lovely blush color, noticeably full of veggies and other goodies yet to be uncovered.

Seafood Soup

Seafood Soup

The flavor of the soup was most delightful,  fragrant, but a tad bit too salty for me.  Now be advised I am a salt monster, so for me to make a “too salty” statement well it just is. When asked what I thought of the soup and mentioned the saltiness I was told they did not use salt in any of the food.  Okay?  I wondered how it got in there.  Once I got into the soup, full of zucchini, carrots, green beans and  some other items, but few shrimp and I could not recall locating any clams.  I also had a distinct feeling  the vegetables were of the frozen variety but I could not confirm that.  For the price $6.99 I would have been much happier with less broth  and vegetables and more shrimp and perhaps a few clams.  Once I devoured the  solids I left most of the broth.  I was also served amazing bread sticks with the soup, I thought packaged when they arrived but the taste gave them away as the real thing.  They were the most delightful part of the entire meal.

Bread Sticks, warm, salty with a nice garlic flavor

Now on the fence about ordering further I went with one of my favorite easy to prepare,  but hard to ruin dishes. plain Linguine with garlic, olive oil and red pepper flakes.  I had to explain to the server what I wanted and whoever was cooking came to my table and asked again.  The pasta arrived a little too quick for me.  If I remember it takes about 9 minutes to cook Linguine al dente and  once drained, tossed in the hot oil, garlic and pepper flakes tossed till well mixed, it should arrive at the table, steaming hot, well dressed with oil, garlic and tangy from the red peppers. Not so much here.

Linguini w Olive Oil, garlic and red pepper flakes

Linguini w Olive Oil, garlic and red pepper flakes

The pasta was barely warm, and garlic and oil almost non-existent. Upon tasting it, I found what the waiter told me about not salting the food was indeed correct.  The pasta was so flat I wanted to weep.  Thankfully I found the salt, and a shaker of hot pepper flakes. I asked for additional olive oil. Nothing was going to fix this pasta.  The dish comes with a house salad, that I declined but it arrived anyway, so here is a picture of an unremarkable dish that only made it to the camera but left uneaten.



So those are my thoughts.  I admit I have a certain snobbery when it comes to Italian food, and probably should never eat in any restaurants in town.  I do so in hopes of finding a dish I can fall in love with. I am a hopeful woman.   So go give it a try, make your own decisions.  They do a brisk take out Pizza business.  I may go back and give it a try.

Milano's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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