The Blue Fish Restaurant And Oyster Bar

enter bf
3551 St Johns Ave
Jacksonville, FL 32205


The girls headed off to brunch last Sunday, to one of our long time favorite spots.  It has been a while since I have been here so I was glad to be getting back.  One of the first things we all noticed the place was packed as usual, this is a very popular spot, but it would appear the restaurant has added additional tables.  This is certainly a plus for the business, perhaps not so much for the diner.  We had to squeeze past tables, and sadly bump into people, just to navigate our way.  Our particular table two large rounds stuck in a corner, so once you were in  the only way out was for a least two people in the party moving.  The space was quite cramped, but we were not alone, the entire room looked cramped.

So being  the resourceful women we are we comforted ourselves with a few cocktails  and did the best we could at conversation.  They do offer one complementary Mimosa or Bloody Mary,  or bottomless Mimosa or Bloody Mary for only 5 $$ additional,  along with some nice craft cocktails. Once we had our drinks and looked over the menu, we made our way to the cold  bar.  I use that term loosely, a portion of the bar has been set aside for a  few items, Potato salad, Macaroni salad, a tossed green salad, some cookies and what appeared to be chocolate brownies.

One thing I noticed immediately, menu of old was gone, to be replaced with Omelet and egg heavy dishes.  Gone the  Chicken Tchoupitoulas, Chef”s Brunch Mussels, and Ciabatta Bread French Toast.  There were still fresh catch items available, with today’s choices being Trigger or Flounder.  I went with the Trigger fish, normally a sweet flaky white fish,  over grits and home fries.  When the dish arrived it was less than attractive, grits congealed, and lumpy, potatoes over cooked and the Trigger fish almost non existent on the plate and  quite overcooked.  Very disappointing offering.

Trigger Fish w Grits and Potatoes

Trigger Fish w Grits and Potatoes

The woman next to me did not fare much better, with the Waffle battered Chicken, so basically chicken parts dipped in waffle batter and then deep fried.  She declared this so strange tasting with a  dense covering she just pushed it aside and ate the potatoes, the other diner who ordered the same dish sent it back, it was so distasteful and ordered the Shrimp and Grits with poached.  When it arrived it was the  only dish on the table having any appeal.

Waffle Battered Chicken

Shrimp n Grits w Poached Eggs

Shrimp n Grits w Poached Eggs

Another less than stellar offering the Veggie Frittata  dry, over baked crust, it lacked appeal on every level.

Veggie Frittata

Veggie Frittata

Our last selection Crab Eggs Benny just could not pass muster.  Eggs semi soft in the middle, potatoes lukewarm this  dish just did not satisfy.

Crab Eggs Benny

Crab Eggs Benny

So our vote for the day low on ambiance, presentation, flavor.  Our server John was the best part of the experience. There are a  several restaurants in the area, equally as good or perhaps better choices now.  On the surface, it appeard that Blue Fish in the endeavor to fill more seats has compromized what was once one of the best brunches in the area.

Today no thumbs up vote, normally you would be encouraged  to go bring friends and enjoy, perhaps your experience would be vastly opposite from ours.  I can only hope it will be.



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