Two Dudes Seafood Restaurant

 Enter TD
 22 Seminole Rd
Atlantic Beach, FL 32233

While much of the country is still digging out of snow, its February 2nd and 80 here in Fl.  It felt like a perfect day for the beach and that is exactly what trusty dog and I did.    After a  fun time in the surf and under the sun, it was time for lunch.  Not sure what was open in the area that was dog-friendly, I did a quick inventory and decided on Two Dudes, gave them a call to confirm dog-friendly status and made our way there. Although I was told, there was outside seating, what I pictured in my mind and what was available was worlds apart.  Two rickety tables, on the sidewalk with tiny room or ambiance,  but the dog was happy he was going to eat.

Outside seating Two Dudes

Outside seating Two Dudes

The inside is beach casual and quite comfortable.

Laid back tidy spaceBar space

We were greeted by a friendly staffer, bringing menus and a bowl of water. She won me over immediately.  Checking on the fish of the day my choice was the 2 fish dish, Trigger Fish and Scallops with  Wasabi Slaw and Twice  Baked Potato, the dog had the fresh mixed vegetables, and a burger holds the bun.  He likes eating out as much as I do.

Waiting for the food

Have you ordered my food yet?

Once the food arrived, it was clear we had made a right choice coming here.  Dogs vegetables were indeed fresh, and the burger cut into bite size pieces for his dining pleasure.

Winston enjoying his meal

For whatever reason, my food arrived on two plates, the Scallops were the first to catch my eye.  Perfect plump, lightly blackened, moist next to a healthy portion of fresh made Wasabi Slaw. Triggerfish same, a small portion of moist fish, blackened as requested, with a whole twice baked potato that just oozed goodness.  I had not idea where to start first, so took some pictures and combined all the goodness.

Scallops w Wasabi Slaw

Scallops w Wasabi Slaw

The scallops were perfect in every way, the spices did not overwhelm any of the sweetness of the fish, large pieces full of flavor.  It was evident from the taste how very fresh they were.  Slaw was excellent, not the usual vinegar or heavy mayo dressing.  A small hint of Wasabi made for a most delightful zing, but not too strong for the fish.

Trigger Fish w Twice Baked Potatoes

Trigger Fish w Twice Baked Potatoes

The trigger fish was equally as fresh, with exceptional flavor.  A healthy serving this filet was flaky and moist.  The potatoes had their own unique flavor and texture.  Stuffed with bacon and cheese topped with the same, covered with a crisp skin, not from being overly cooked crisp but by some type of breading similar to Panco.  Very unusual and delightful.  I was totally sated from the fish, but could not pull myself away from the potatoes.

This was an exceptional find for us, and  I see me going back again, the dog will stay at home next time.  I like the interior, its relaxed and comfortable.  The food is top-notch at a reasonable price for the portions served.  If you’re questing for a fun easy spot at the beach this will  be your place.  Staff was friendly and efficient prices right.   Summer is almost here, put this on your “places to eat” list gather your besties and share some fun.



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  1. I’ve heard very good things about 2 Dudes but haven’t had a chance to try it. You just gave me a reason to do just that.


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