Col Mustard’s Phat Burgers

1722 3rd St N
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

It is very unlikely I would have visited this spot except for an invite by the guy next door who was doing a beach run and invited me along for the ride.   After business was wrapped up he suggested lunch since it was that time.  That’s how we came to Phat Burger, and a happy find it was.  I love burgers and have my favorite spots identified, but only one at the beach so  this was  an opportunity to expand my options.

Not much to say about ambiance, strip mall location, currently in the process of a well needed face lift, but strip mall spots are big here.  Basic interior, few tables, walk up counter, drink machine, and a cooler for water and other beverages.  Family owned,  with a relaxed atmosphere, it was  packed  when we arrived.

Step up and order

Step up and order, get your cup and get the drink and take a seat

Wall of fame all those burger champs

Wall of fame all those burger champs

Menu is quite extensive, offering breakfast all day, burgers, wraps, sandwiches, wings and an assortment of sides.  We chose to get two sides and split a burger.  We opted for corn nuggets and fries and for our burger the Chomp with fried onions.

The nuggets right out of the fryer were crisp and full of sweet creamy corn.  Very tasty

Corn nuggets

Corn nuggets comes with Ranch Dipping sauce

Fries are Fries, and these were good but then most fires are good in my world, also just out of the basket, we had to let them set for a few seconds before biting into them.


Hot and fresh fries

Now the burger, was the surprise.  A half pound of grilled chuck hand fashioned and cooked to perfection.  Covered in grilled onions, cheese with lettuce and tomato it begs to be eaten.

The Chomp w fried onions

The Chomp w fried onions lettuce and tomatoes

It was even better when we cut it in half.  We had ordered med/rare and it was oozing just enough juice to lightly flavor the bun.  Meat tender and tasty, onions added a sweet taste.  I was happy we shared, there was no way I could have finished this, but my companion was looking somewhat  rueful having agreed to share.

Cooked to perfection the Chomp my way

Cooked to perfection the Chomp

Meal complete and we are totally sated.  Now for some crazy fun stuff.

Two of the walls contain pictures of various customers, who have taken on a challenge of eating a variety of burgers for bragging rights and their place on the “Wall of Fame”  Four young men sat next to us and we could tell by the conversation they were in for a turn.  The burger they chose to challenge themselves,  The Taylor, three patties-1.5 lb burger THE BURGER WITH ATTITUDE  as stated on the menu.  It was amazing when it arrived.  In my boldness  I asked if they would mine it we took a picture. Here it is.

The Taylor 3 patties

The Taylor 3 patties covered in cheese

Now everyone in the restaurant was interested,  They started off strong but as we were leaving we heard “I can’t finish this”.  We both giggled.

TJ and Billy Burger challange team

TJ and Billy Burger challenge

Dave and Troy Burger challange

Dave and Troy Burger challenge













This is what food is all about for me, friends, fun, adventure and happiness.  I highly recommend Col Mustard’s Phat Burger, and may make a run in for breakfast late one morning.  If you feel up to a challenge, get the besties together, and do your own challenge,  be immortalized on the wall for  bragging rights, but most of all have fun.

Col Mustard's Phabulous Phat Burgers Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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