Enter TossGreen
4375 Southside Blvd
Ste 12
Jacksonville, FL 32216

Yesterday was errand day, so I was at Town Center,  after everything was done, it was lunch time and I found my self next door to Tossgreen.   Being lazy and not really wanting a big meal, I strolled in and took a look.  Fast food salad ala Subway.  Line up, pick your salad, ingredients, dressing or choose from a very robust menu board.  Not only do they offer salads, also available, wraps and bowls.   Sounds great right?  Not so fast.  Menu board on the wall, takes time to digest all the possibilities.

Menu Board

Menu Board

Bowls and Burittos

All the ingredients

Some of the ingredients

You  know for a fact, people can stand in line for 10 or 15 minutes waiting their turn and still not know what they want.  And that is when I found my self not liking this concept.  Five people behind the counter, and only one of them actually  taking orders, and after that person assembles the numerous possible components they push it down the counter to the next body to finish it off.

The person on assembly the day I was in must have been new, or there may have been menu changes, it was clear to see she was reading from a menu   to get everything correct into each dish. To say this makes for  painfully slow service is not even scratching the surface.  It was still lunch time and several people walked out due to the wait.  I had nothing but time, but was still annoyed by what appeared to be a management or perhaps mismanagement issue.

Anyway, finally it was my turn,  I asked  what the  soup of the day was and no one had a clue.  Someone finally  figured out if they looked in the pot I may be possible to identify what is was.   Salad choice; the  small Grain and Shrimp a combination of spinach, arugula, brown rice, shrimp and pineapple salsa with a recommended dressing of fresh avocado vinaigrette.  I guess half way through the prep she realized it was the wrong sized bowl,  and started over.  Finally done, she passed it on down the line as the next assembler took the pit from the avocado, scooped it from the shell and splashed some dressing on the salad and placed the lid.  Then  one more last hurdle , pay get a cup and finally leave.  It was a nice day I sat out in the sun to enjoy a salad that took  30+ minutes to acquire.

Menu Board

Menu Board

On a positive note, the salad was very good, the company prides itself on ultra fresh ingredients, using all natural chicken and beef as well as natural dressings.

So, if you decide to give this place a try, pick your timing, something I did not do.  If your thinking  take out get the  menu  on the smart phone and call in ahead.  Prices are  a good value for product delivered.





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