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Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

I have finally made it down to visit Chef Rosaria Anderson at her new spot what a delightful visit it was. People who know me will tell you I am not a “healthy choice” person, but given a chance will order healthy food if it is tasteful and filling.  Many restaurants offer their version of Vegan or Vegetarian dishes, but some how it’s feels and tastes like an after thought.  Not so at ThisChicks Kitchen.

A long time fixture in the beaches area, Chef Rosaria is  often seen at the farmers market in Neptune Beach, she offers catering and meals to go.  You can check out  her Face Book page, This Chick can Cook and sign up for a weekly menu, and make arrangements for pick up.

This is a small space but well appointed, warm and inviting, soft jazz playing in the background.



Table decor

Live flowers on each table

How to order

Start the journey here











Special Board of the day

Special Board of the day

Filling Station with Chef Rosario

Filling Station with Chef Rosario

Locally sourced greens

Locally sourced greens

It is comforting to know your selecting the best of the best, get to watch it assembled as you desire then sit and enjoy.

Local sourced fruits and veggies

Local sourced fruits and veggies

First I started with a shot of  Baby Hawaiian Ginger.  Ginger has been used for it’s healing properties for centuries.  Never having experienced a “shot” well why not?

Baby Hawaiian Ginger Shot

Baby Hawaiian Ginger Shot

Strong but not unpleasant going down, it stays in the back of the throat, then moves down and in a little while you can feel it in you gut.  Amazing!!!!!

I was looking for something warm, so I selected the Stir Fry containing spaghetti squash, mushrooms, Napa cabbage and tofu and a variety of herbs and baby onion sprouts on top.  I sat and enjoyed a bottle of spring water, listened to the soft music as I waited.

Spaghetti Squash with Mushrooms and Tufu stir fry

Spaghetti Squash with Mushrooms and Tofu stir fry

Be assured these are not your mothers vegetables.  Each component stood out and was identifiable.  Mushrooms crunched, carrots popped, tofu well I pretended it was meat, yet I was not put off by the texture.   Chef Rosaria’s knowledge of herbs and seasoning is astounding.  I could only sit and savor each bite.  For my guilt free dessert, a Cacao and garbanzo bean flour  combined with olive oil cup cake.  I had no idea what I was expecting, but it was not a delectable, chocolaty, moist cake in the mouth, but that is  what arrived.  I could have eaten another.

Guilt free Garbanzo flour with Cacao

I wanted more food but was totally and pleasurable full.  So I did the next best thing, selected several items to go.  Take a look:


Spring Roll with Shrimp

Spring Roll with Shrimp

Fresh Spring roll filled with lettuce, carrot and cilantro with the addition of plump Mayport shrimp.


Quiche with almond crust

I bought two of these one for dinner and one for breakfast?  Dinner has happened and I am happy to share this is like no Quiche I have ever experiences. Finely ground almonds create the crust, with halved almonds inside. topped with fresh tomato.  Not a fan of eggs this was a perfect choice for my meal.

And last something for the sweet tooth, ground nut paste with dates, pure and natural.  Nothing artificial here.

Dates with chopped nuts

Dates with chopped nuts

This was an amazing food experience, I could eat this food every day.  If you have never dabbled on the Vegan/Vegetarian arena, ThisChick’s Kitchen is the place to start. Along with the freshest ingredients, fair trade organic coffee, and gluten free baked goods are offered.  Make your way down to the beach, take a loved one or take many loved ones. Support this local business, it benefits the entire community.



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