Si Senor Fresh Mex

3546 St Johns Bluff Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32246

I am happy to announce my conversion to Mexican food, and that transition has not been easy.  My good friend and fellow blogger Jill Cruz kept after me for months to try this spot, which I successfully avoided like a plague.  Having tried all the so called “authentic” spots in town only to find it all tasting the same, I finally caved in.

Housed in one of the nicer strip malls Si Seniors, offers some amazing dishes.  It’s an order at the counter spot, with the menu board well displayed, and the entire spot is well and authentically decorated.

Menu board

Menu board


Chair 2

Hand Painted chairs

Hand Painted chairs












Menu board

Star lights and colorful walls

Once your order is placed, take your number,  get you choice of some amazingly, fresh home made salsa, from the most mild to the head clearing hot. Find a seat

Salsa bar

Many salsa options from sweet to blow up your head

Many salsa options from sweet to blow up your head

I sat way in the back to better see all the activity in the restaurant a nice little addition a Foosball table.  It’s been years since I’ve seen these, but they are great for the kids or adults to give it a try when waiting for your food to arrive.

For my choices, I went with items I have eaten before and know I like, one order of Guacamole with some, chips, and a Quesadilla Si Senior with Carnitas, I also opted to try several of the salsa offerings.  The waitress brought some chips along with the Guacamole that was the real deal, smooth with just enough bits of unmashed  avocado to make it interesting.  I saved some of it to add to the quesadilla.





So here the verdict on the Quesadilla that converted me.  This was not the usual  dry, hard, tortilla that I have been served. These were  sweet and salty at the same time, flaky like a pastry and I loved it.

Quesadilla Carnitas

Quesadilla Carnitas

Each individual piece was full of perfectly spiced meat cook until tender and moist.  The cheese ample and well dispersed, through out each piece.  I added some Guacamole and tried several of the salsa options I had selected. This was by far the best item I have ever sampled at any Mexican restaurant.

So now that I am in full conversion mode, there are a few dishes I need to try and Si Senior is the restaurant I will be trying them at.  Service is great, surroundings are attractive, and the food is off the hook.  If you like Mexican, and have not tried this spot I do believe it will be your go to place, and if like me you don’t like this particular cuisine, eating here may change your mind.  Get you  besties, have an adventure and share the love. Oh and thank you Jill Cruz…… are a bestie.



Si Senor Fresh Mex Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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