The Loving Cup Hash House

610 3rd St S
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
Being in conventional breakfast mode is a new experience in my life, but more and more it is something I do.  When I found myself at the beach and thinking breakfast, Loving Cup came to mind.  There has always been good feed back from my trusted foodie friends, so in I went.
The place was packed at 10:30 on a Thursday morning, with all types, old, young, very young and some just in the middle, nice mix.  It’s a seat your self deal, counter or tables, so off to the back after spotting a two top which I claimed.
Place was packed

Counter service as well

Counter service as well

out side seating

Out side seating

I had heard and read the service can be very spotty, but my good Karma kicked in and the universe presented me with a perfect server.  She brought me coffee from Martin a local  company and menu,  promised to be right back  true to her word she was.
Looking for something a bit healthier than my usual choices the  Health Conscious Hash appealed;  the hash being sweet potatoes, turnips, parsnips.  The diner is offered a choice of the hormone free chicken or two farm fresh eggs, and toast, and not to be too healthy I added a  bowl of Cheese Grits.

 While I waited I was able to see some of the other dishes arriving at the tables on each side  each dish looked tasty, plus eye appealing, when my dish arrived, it fit right in.
Healthy Vegetable Hash w Scrambled

Healthy Vegetable Hash w Scrambled

There was nothing not to like about this dish.  Meatless yes, but the strength of the veggies made up for it.  It was easy to realize the eggs were super fresh, by taste and texture.  My marbled rye toast was lightly browned.  My only complaint  and I always complain about this; I want my toast buttered in the kitchen, not after it cools off and I am given a container of hard butter.
Creamy Cheese Grits

Creamy Cheese Grits

It was a happy moment when the grits were tasted.  Just super warm, cheese and butter melding together, to create a delightful experience in the mouth.  Perfect.  
If you’re not in for a full meal there are a delightful assortment of  snacks and pastries that change daily and a selection of imaginative coffee drinks that add to the pleasure.  This was available during my visit.
Blueberry Muffins

Blueberry Muffins

Breakfast is served all day, lunch from 11:30 to 2:30 when they close.  There is a Ruben on the lunch menu with my name on it.  I encourage  you  treat yourself to a meal here.   My visit was great,  Dan Altman, one of the owners, checked on each table, chatted with a few of what looked like regulars.   If I lived at the beach, this certainly would be a regular spot for me.  Get you crew together and enjoy.

Loving Cup Hash House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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