European Street Cafe

992 Beach Blvd
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
I have a wicked case of spring fever, even though it’s not  March yet.  So after some lackluster yard work, I packed trusty dog into the car and hit the beach.   After about an hour we were both done and in search of food.  It surprises me there are so few options for dog friendly spots at the beach, where outside living is so common, but we hit upon European Street and they had open tables on the patio.
Other dogs visit

Other dogs visit

Patio seating at the beach

Patio seating at the beach

Service for outside dining

Our server was quite prompt with out using the bell. Took our drink order and returned with menus.  The menu is the same across all locations, so there is not much to get excited about if you have eaten here before,  you know food  will all taste the same, only positive about any chain restaurant.
I opted for the Pastrami and Roast Beef Club,  triple decker with roast beef, melted swiss cheese, 1000 island dressing, smoked pastrami and hot mustard. served hot.  What arrived and what is shown on the web site have nothing in common.  My sandwich was top heavy with bread and very little meat.  I tore off one of the slices in order not to go into bread coma. 
Pastrami Roast Beef Club

Pastrami Roast Beef Club

Looks better from this view

Looks better from this view

Menu photo

This is what the on line menu sandwich looks

 I did not see this picture until I started writing this review, if I had, that sandwich would have been sent back.  My order had the German Potato Salad, which on a scale of 1 to 10 it weighs in at 4. 
 Trusty dog fared somewhat better,  I ordered him the  Monster German Wiener, Jr.1/4 pound all-beef hot dog served on a bun from the Kindermenu.
The only thing that smacked of Monster was the color of the hot dog.  Think of those carnival dogs your parents would never let you eat, a gray/red tube of meat, yep that is what I was thinking.  Dog is not interested in my concerns, he just sees something good to eat, and he did, almost taking it to the ground.  I did dispatch of the  roll, but happy to say he ate his apple.
This is the Kiddie Hot Dog bakset
Winston gets his own puppy basket

Winston gets his own puppy basket

I have nothing real positive to say about this spot, had it not been for my quest to eat outside, we would never have been here.  I guess that speaks volumes.  I will leave you to your own decision making skills, and wish you a better experience.
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