EJ’s Italian Bistro

EZ pizza enter
9119 Merrill Rd
Ste 17
Jacksonville, FL 32225

In my never ending quest to find good pizza close to my area, I have hit upon EJ’s Italian Bistro.  A neighborhood Italian restaurant, family owned and run by husband/wife team Edmond and Jennifer was a great find. The only reason I found this spot, it is a few doors down from a take out Chinese I frequent. EJ’s is not a place I would probably choose, but  noted it was busy every time I was picking up food.  So as I do, I shot in got a menu  to see if I was interested.

The interior is nice, nothing over the top, but also not full of trashy faux Italian stuff.

EZ interior

A few tables in the front of the house as well as service counter

side room

Small room off to the side

It took a few weeks, but it was time for Pizza and wings. so we ordered the 10 piece hot wings, and the medium gourmet thin crust with sausage and  cheese.  They do offer delivery, but we are close so it was a fly by to pick up.  I must mention the staff  here is great, on the phone or in person.  Once home we chowed down on the wings first.  Much spicier than we anticipated, I had to gasp the first few bites, but that soon turned into probably the best wings we have experienced from any pizza stores.  Both the flats and drums were meaty and well cooked, we easily devoured them all.

Hot tangy wings

Hot tangy wings

The pizza was almost perfect.  Taking a pizza home, is not the same as having it served right out of the oven, and our pizza suffered from this effect.  Somewhat dry, the sauce was tasty but a little sparse for the size of the pie.  Cheese and sausages plentiful and evenly distributed on the pie.  The crust was the best part, crispy, well browned crust, we found it most tasty.

Sausage and Cheese

Sausage and Cheese

About a week later we decided to try another pizza, so we ordered the specialty pizza, Meat Lover, pepperoni, beef, sausage, ham, bacon and extra cheese.  This pie made the trip home with out any problems, and we finished it off.  Sauce balance on this pizza was better than our first experience, meat and cheese ample, with the crust being the star.  I think I could just eat the crust part with out the sauce.  I did learn it is made on site daily as well as the sauce.


Meat Lovers

So now two pizzas in, we feel this is going to be our place.  I have not yet sampled any of the other dishes, but but the amount of business I have seen in the restaurant someone must find there food quite tasty.  I am including a link to EJ”s menu for your reading pleasure.

Tuesday night is trivia and the place fills up quickly, so this is  your cue, get the besties, test your knowledge of fun but mostly useless information and have some of the best pizza in the area.

EJ's Italian Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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