Saucy Kitchen

9527 Regency Square Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32225

Attempting to find a lunch spot in Arlington is a chore, unless you embrace chain restaurants, Chinese take out, or mediocre pizza offerings. That was my dilemma today, as I trolled my way through Zomato and Yelp any of the restaurants I would eat in I was too lazy to drive to, or was just not in the mood for.  ‘That’s when I hit on the review for Saucy Kitchen.  As luck would have it the review was written by one of Jacksonvilles best bloggers  Jill Cruz. a good friend of mine,we pretty much like the same stuff and often find ourselves together at events around town.  I was on the way.

The location is pretty central,  easy to access, bright interior, ample seating, great colors on the walls, with an open kitchen so you can see everything going on with your food.  Step up look over the board, place your order, get your drink and number and the food will be delivered.  I liked it, especially since it was late Saturday and I basically had the place to myself.

Nice interior



Bright colors on the wall






Bright Open Space


Minimal clean interior is a plus







Tea Station



Spot to sit  waiting for take out orders.







Menu board

Menu board

The breakdown on the food, Knife and Fork these sandwiches are huge, and as the name imply  are meant to be eaten with utensils, between the bread your non traditional take on the traditional sandwich, salads the Wow and Mini me, options and soup bowl or cup.

I started with a cup of the Shrimp and Corn Chowder, this was tasty, with a  hint of heat, but not overwhelming.  The broth rich and creamy, ample amounts of shrimp and corn added the pop factor.  Served with a toasted round of bread just right for dipping.

Shrimp Chowder

Shrimp n’ Corn Chowder

I probably would have finished this, but my Knife and Fork choice of BBQ Meatloaf arrived, I almost fainted.  In my imagination this sandwich was going to be two pieces of bread, something like Texas Toast,  ample  portion of meat and a nice covering of sauce.  Noooooooo this was a massive item that filled a large plate,  I was overcome with glee!  I pushed the soup aside and gazed at this dish.  On the bottom a half baguette  soft toasted French bread, a layer of mashed potatoes, the two large pieces of meatloaf, amply dressed with a combination of Marinara and BBQ sauce, topped of with melted cheese.  I can’t recall at time I have enjoyed a sandwich  as much as this one.

BBQ Meat Loaf

BBQ Meat Loaf

This dish for 9$$ could have fed four people, I did not even make it half way.  The mix of sauce, lent a slight acid taste from the tomatoes, but was balanced out by the sweet, smoky flavor of the BBQ sauce.  An absolute brilliant mix of flavors, meat quality high and most flavorful.  The cheese, well anything with cheese is good in my world.

So the verdict, if you live or work in this area, do not miss the opportunity to eat in or take out.  I am including a link to their site, two locations Regency and Gate Parkway, for your dining pleasure.  I loved it and can’t imagine anyone not liking it.  Please tell your friends, this establishment is not a chain and small businesses are the backbone of any community, help support them.  Okay I am off my soapbox now.   Saucy KItchen



Saucy Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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