Linda’s Wooden Spoon

7404 Atlantic Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32211

If you are looking for Hipster or Trendy this is not your place, but if your interest is a clean, comfortable place to have a well cooked basic breakfast served by friendly, efficient people this is it.  Always on the lookout for a non chain restaurant in the Arlington area, Linda’s hit my radar and that meant a road trip. Not a big breakfast person I was hoping for something to enjoy and did I hit the mother load, well for me.

Decore Hand Painted Logo





Some seasonal decor



clockTime to eat

Additional space




Additional dining space




The breakfast menu is exactly what one would expect, biscuits, pancakes, Benedict, wraps, omelets and an array of sides.  One thing I did not expect to see on a breakfast menu was Scotch Eggs.  For those who have not feasted on this style of egg preparation, hard boiled, surrounded by sausage and cheese then baked. at Linda’s  served with home fries or grits priced at 7.99$  Any egg that can be disguised is an egg I will eat and Scotch Egg is the perfect cover.  I ordered my eggs with the grits and asked if I could have cheese added, and also a side of bacon.  My intention was to put the bacon into the cheese grits, but Linda knew where I was going and told me that the kitchen can do that for me.

While I waited I sipped on a diet coke served in a Mason jar,  these are so much nicer than the usual ugly plastic cups sometime used in smaller restaurants, this made me feel good about the place.

I much prefer this to plastic


I did ask for spicy mustard, to dip my egg, that’s how I like them and this is what Linda brought me

Yellow Mustard LOLThe Original Yellow Mustard

When the plate arrived, I was in awe.  Never have I seen Scotch Eggs this large, and wondered how I could ever finish this plate.  I took me a few moments to wrap my head around the concept of the  eggs.

My choice for breakfast

My choice for breakfast

The Scotch Egg at it's best

The Scotch Egg at it’s best

The Scotch Egg at it's best

Huge and Perfect








So here are some thoughts on the taste, Grits creamy but not runny, once I whipped up the bacon and cheese it was the consistency I search for.  A little light on the salt for me I added my own, as good as the grits were I needed to break into the egg.  Many of the Scotch Eggs I have had in the past have been dry inside, making them lest than tasty, not the case here, the middle of the meat portion of the egg was still moist and glistening from the fat in the sausage, yolk just the right consistency for my taste buds.   I happily dipped my egg in the yellow mustard and just savored the combination of flavors.  Linda stopped by several time to check on me which I always appreciate.  This was a treat breakfast for me and one I will want to eat again. There is a lunch menu, burgers, soup and salads, entrees and sides.  The menu is available on the Face Book Page click on the link.

So my take away, another small business has opened in an area of town top heavy with chain restaurants that  will never give the service or attention to detail like the small business owner is willing to provide.  Linda’s Wooden spoon is a restaurant to have in your neighborhood.  Tell your friends, get them together for Saturday breakfast before starting the day or stop in after church on a Sunday if that is what you do.  Supporting the small businesses in your community benefits everyone.


Linda's Wooden Spoon Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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