Seasons 52

Seasons entry

5096 Big Island Dr
Jacksonville, FL 32246

After completing some serious retail therapy, it was time for dinner and I was ready.  There is an abundance of choices at the Town Center from fast food, to fine dining, I have pretty much tried most of the spots, but never Seasons 52, so tonight was my night.  I booked a table on the way, so when I arrived, my only wait was the few couples at the hostess desk.

The interior of this space is  lush, dark polished wood, massive wine racks, filled to the top, lights, sparkling off the glasses and silver on the tables, live music in the form of piano  drifted in from the bar area and was quite pleasing.  This spot is date night worthy.

Dark wood comfortable seating area

Dark wood comfortable seating area

Impressive wine offerings

Impressive wine offerings


Piano Bar

That was  all the romance I was getting on this visit.  My waiter although pleasant, a little stiff and too disengaged for me.  I passed on wine, went with a bottle of spring water while I looked at the menu.

Even when I dine alone, I pretty much  order a ridiculous amount of food, just to get a feel for what is going on and tonight was no different.  I started with the Lobster Flat bread for 420 cal.  I don’t know that I want to know how any calories I am eating and was  actually annoyed that each dish reminded me I was pushing my self into the next week calorie allowance.  The dish appeared and the waiter immediately disappeared. I could visualize his tip % taking deep dive.

Lobster Flat bread

Lobster Flat bread

The dish made up for the service.  Large juicy pieces of succulent lobster, shaved scallions, bits of tomato, creamy sauce, the bread itself flavorful and crunchy.

It was necessary to wave down another waiter, to get my person to return so I could move on. I went with the Caramelized Grilled Sea Scallops,butternut squash risotto, broccolini, lemon butter 450 cal and a side of Caramelized Brussels Sprouts,crispy bacon, garlic, parmesan crust 460 cal. You see where I am going with the calorie thing right?

Roasted Scallops w Squash Riosotto

Roasted Scallops w Squash Riosotto

This dish was half good, that half being the scallops, a nice glaze on both sides, and cooked perfectly, and well portioned.  Sadly the risotto was flat out bad, pasty, no flavor, the squash was the only bright part of this.  I picked around the rice, and ate the squash and was pleased at all the calories I saved buy doing this, the poor broccolini, lay limp in the plate, I did not even attempt to taste it.

Roasted Brussel Sprouts w Bacon

Roasted Brussel Sprouts w Bacon

This was  the best dish of the night, I love roasted veggies, and these were perfect.  Crisp, yet tender nice brown on the outside and so well flavored with bacon, I was going for the 460 cal.  Waiter took one quick trip by and I never saw him again, and when he did arrive he left the check on the table,  I guess he realized how far over my calorie limit I was and did not want to add to my going pre diabetic right before his eyes.

So, here is my take away, I probably will not go back but if I do will ask that that particular waiter not service our table additionally the food was well, I have had much better food, in the surrounding area, in my world, there would be no reason to go back.

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