10208 Buckhead Branch Dr
Jacksonville, FL 32246

I have eaten  at Ovinte once in my pre-blogging days and never found it necessary to return.  This visit, Easter Brunch with friends, was not my doing, but I truly like my friends, so I agreed.  The space is nice enough, very comfortable with bar, table,  booth or couch seating as well as outdoor dining.

Bar area




Full bar




Seating for drinks



Open space, seating for drinks or Tapas



Nice space


Small side room seats 5 or 6 with good view of the other tables



Nice Patio

Outside weather permitting, partially covered




It was a  while  after we were seated before we were approached, but the restaurant was busy no points off yet. Cocktails ordered, and one cup of French press, when the coffee arrived it was served with a soiled cup, so  it began.  We started with several Tapas, here is the line up some of  the comments are mine others those of the four guests at the table.

Pickled Egg Salad w Seranno Ham

Pickled Egg Salad w Serrano Ham

Looked good on arrival, but the Egg Salad was runny with way too much binder, and so tart it was unpleasant in the mouth.  Each person at the table had a taste, in the end we ate the ham and rejected the salad.

Garlic Shrimp

Garlic Shrimp

Although the shrimp were nicely cooked,  they were flavorless and nothing about garlic was attached to this dish.  We declared this dish boring but did finished the shrimp.

Spanish Potato Tortilla

Spanish Potato Tortilla

The Spanish Potato Tortilla tasty, but room temperature,  which was not appealing, or pleasing in the mouth, a bit of warmth could  have added to the dish and released some flavor.

Toasted pesant bread, w baked Spanish goat cheese

Toasted peasant bread, w baked Spanish goat cheese

The Spanish Goat cheese, was the best of all the Tapas we ordered, and is highly recommended.

Home made Churros

Home made Churros

When we ordered, the first batch of Homemade Churros  were overcooked, so it was necessary for a second batch and wait time.  When the new plate arrived it was raw in the middle.  They along with the Pickled eggs  and  the dirty coffee went back to the kitchen and was comped from our bill.

Things were not looking good so for my entrée, I ordered the dish I had the last time, Lemon-Ricotta Masa Pancakes, with blueberry compote and creme fraiche.  They were as delightful as I remembered and I was happy to have them

Lemon Ricotta Masa Pancakes

Lemon Ricotta Masa Pancakes

Served with warm syrup, this was total comfort food.  I guess our server was getting nervous, he brought us an additional  cake, which one of my companions took as her own.  I highly recommend these.

Brioche French toast

Brioche French toast

Another win here,  Brioche French Toast, this dish was shared around the table, to approval by all.

Burger of the day with Truffel fried

Burger of the day with truffle fries

I did not partake in any of The Burger of the day, the soft runny egg yolk kept me away.  It was eye appealing, the bun perfect, and truffle fries, well nothing wrong there. The owner call it “good”.

Ovinte Benedict

Ovinte Benedict

If you look closely it’s evident the  Ovinte Benedict egg slid off it’s perch, there was an unsuccessful attempt to reseat it, but the egg was so under cooked, it fell apart leaving a most unappealing slime of egg white on the plate.  Egg remained where it was everything else was eaten.  Sad.

The last dish, Quiche of the day Shrimp, arrived without any evidence of shrimp.

Quiche of the day, Shrimp w Truffel fries

Quiche of the day, Shrimp w Truffle fries

My friend dug around for a while looking for even the slightest hint of something shrimp like but no luck.  We all helped her eat more truffle fries

So here is our take away,  at first glance we questioned our servers ability, but he did come through,  he took all orders without writing anything down for five people, remembered each dish and who it belong to at service.  That is the highest compliment I can give for this restaurant.  The kitchen, was not on its game and because of that, the restaurant lost revenue, from our returned dishes.  Not a good way to make an impression.  It also lost us as return customers.  We all agreed this is not a spot we will return to.

So throw the dice, and see where they land, there are many good restaurants in the same proximity.





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