Oceana Diner

13799 Beach Blvd
Ste 3
Jacksonville, FL 32224


When two of Jacksonville best bloggers give high praise to a restaurant, who am I to not pay attention.   I follow both Nourish the Beast and Jax Restaurant Reviews and Foodie Adventures and they only had stellar comments.  So I found myself her last Sunday, ready for laid back breakfast, quiet and relaxed, it was packed and I was lucky to get the last two top. Tables full with  multi generational famlies, couples, singles we were all there for one thing,  good food and I for one was totally rewarded.

Large clean interior

Large clean interior

Beautiful espresso, lattee machine

Beautiful espresso, latte machine








Every day special

Every day special








Toays Special

Today’s Special










Friendly and efficient service is the key here,  even with a packed house, the staff worked each table as if it was the only one, filling cups, poring water, and just checking on any needs.  I was impressed.

After a quick look I decided on the Corned Beef Omelette, corned beef being one of my breakfast favorites.  I came with toast and your choice of grits or potatoes.  I have only been eating grits for about five years, buy now I am a full fledged fan.  I went for the grits, and kicked it up just a bit by adding cheese and bacon.  I like decadent food

Corned Beef Ommlett

Corned Beef Omelette with cheese

When the dish arrived I broke into it, I was delighted to realized it was full of the beloved corned beef, enough to mask the egg, not that there was anything wrong with the egg, it’s just not one of my favorite foods.  Light and fluffy well cooked inside,  I would have enjoyed it better minus the cheese, and finally did remove it. Toast buttered and warm and served with additional butte just in case!!

Now the grits that was a most pleasant experience.  Hot, creamy, salty, full of bacon and cheese, I can’t imagine eating them any other way.

Grits with cheese and bacon

Grits with cheese and bacon

My waitress stopped by often to check on me and refill my drink.  By the time I finished  and I did finish it all, I was totally sated.

On my way out I had the opportunity to speak with both owners, Marvin and Yalcin, their story is uplifting, and hopeful,  a story of dreams and friendship.  I encourage you to read the  reviews by the bloggers listed above, for additional insight on to this success.  Those of you who read my blog, know I am a big supporter of the local business and will continue to champion this cause.  I encourage you my reader to do the same.  Okay I’m off the soapbox.

Gather  the kids, the grands, uncles, aunties,  go stuff your self with waffles, eggs, bacon and don’t forget the grits.


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