Fuji Sushi

660-155 Commerce Ctr Dr
Jacksonville, FL 32225

I have always avoided this restaurant, simply because of location.  Crazy right? But I threw caution to the wind this week and stopped in for lunch.  I know from past experience, if you walk in and it’s looking bad well you just walk out.  First impression, I was staying, the restaurant was full, several people I knew were having lunch, plus it just gave me a good vibe.  It all worked out well.

Bright and clean


Clean simple interior.










Appitizing fish optionsFresh fish

Fresh fish







I chose to sit at the Sushi bar, just to watch the magic the Shokunin can do putting plates together. There are several lunch options available, but I went a little off the grid ordering my appetizer from the kitchen menu.  My choice the Soft Shell Crab Kara Age, a Japanese cooking technique in which various foods  are deep-fried in oil.

Soft Shell Crab

Soft Shell Crab Karaage

This proved to be a most delightful dish, served with a dipping sauce but for me the sweet crab was the taste I was looking for.  Meaty, plump with a well seasoned batter a total win to start.

Then the almost obligatory bowl of Miso soup that is always served, nice but pretty much all the same to me.


Miso Soup

For my entrée, I opted for the Salmon Bento box, a nice  compartmentalized option to hold multiple items.  Good for people who do not like their food to touch.


Salmon Bento Box

Salmon Bento Box

Top left, fried pork dumplings, nice spice to the meat skins not over fried or oily.  Top right, Teriyaki Salmon, a nice sized filet well glazed moist inside with a few veggies.

Bottom left, I chose the fried rice, white rice is an option, nice amount of carrots, peas and onions provided flavor and crunch to the dish.  Bottom right, California roll, there must be a rule to put these rolls on every Bento box.  It like ordering Vanilla ice cream.  Filling and safe, for a Sushi novice, it was nicely assembled not falling apart when dipped in the Soy and Wasabi mix.
Center top, a Tempura banana,  although a fan of Tempura, warm mushy bananas are not good in the mouth.

This will become my close to home Sushi spot, if you are in the Arlington area, there is only one other restaurant with in five miles, so do give this spot a try.  Get the Sushi lovers in you crew together, order big, drink some Saki or not, don’t be foolish like me and make judgment before you try the food.



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